studly do-right

here's a peek at a small project i worked on last week.
i bought these cobalt loafers along with a matching pair in cheetah at the end of the summer.
while the cheetah pair were immediately incorporated as wardrobe regulars
i hardly ever wore the cobalt pair.
something about them screamed Hugh Hefner & also my kindergarten teacher Miss Bolen simulataneously. so, in short, they were really messing with me.

i figured i could edge them up a little bit & turned to Studs & Spikes for inspiration.
i picked out the 3/8" gold pyramid studs and they had them shipped that same day. 
here's what i did:
*using a box-cutter or exacto knife, whichever you have that is sharp! measure the length 
of the stud prongs. also measuring the distance between the prongs, make your first cuts.
full disclosure: i eyeballed all my cuts & you can tell.
when you're happy with the design and cuts then you can start closing the prongs.
i used my fingers and then used the pliers to really flatten them out.
 if the flattened prongs bother your feet like they did me, i cut out a piece of felt and hot glued it over the underside of the studded section.

less than an hour from start to finish - maybe more if you want to be precise, which i was not.
$4 for 100 studs
$13 for the loafers 

and how pumped am i to be in on the same craft track as Alison?


Brissa said...

those looks amazing! what a great idea to spice up some ordinary loafers.

elizabeth kartchner said...

Love this so much Em!! !!
those are the cutest!

Courtney Snowden said...

Clever AND cool...

Courtney Snowden said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
emily+brett said...

Want them. Dang. I could have had you do two pairs.

Griffin and Gretchen said...

Awesome! Live the studs. Gave been trying to find some cute loafers for a while

sinika said...

Very cool!

Emily Frame said...

Haha! I have extra studs if you need 'em!

Emily Frame said...

thanks Brissa!

Emily Frame said...

thanks Liz! we need to start doing a craft night so i can learn from the master.

Emily Frame said...

thanks Courtney!!

Emily Frame said...

Go Jane's are great! But I'm sure you can find them just about everywhere!

Emily Frame said...

thank you!

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