muffin's birthday : 3/3

children of broken homes everywhere can agree with me when i say, if your parents are going to split up, at least you get double the tasty food on holidays. amiright?

the third and final birthday celebration was with my mom and she served up her famous
chicken ciabatta sandwiches.

this is not the actual sandwich but it was the closest i could find.
listen to this sandwich...
chicken breast, caramelized onions (sautee for 45 minutes), havarti cheese, roasted red peppers (from the jar) and pesto spread (from the jar) on a warm ciabatta roll. top it off with a reduced balsamic vinegar glaze and you have the world's most tasty sandwich.

more cousin love:
playing pretend

and proof i wasn't freaking kidding about the braid thing:
and my darling husband.
he asked for peanut butter cookies with reese's on top.
so, if you're keeping track that's 3 batches in a week and a half.
24 cookies per batch x's 3 equals...
let's just stop there, shall we?
happiest birthday Russ, i love you so much!

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Emily said...

hey! you asked me on my blog what the name of the 5 year journal is that i have...
i should have put that in the post. sorry about that. it can be found on amazon as "5 year diary" by tamara shopsin. it comes in a few different colors.
i really do love it.
ps. you rock that braid. it's so cute on you!

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