pin real life / 2

i'm loving the never-ending supply of inspiration
when it comes to printed pants.
they are on track to be a pretty hot ticket this spring!

 i'm looking forward to hunting down a bright & bold pair, whether it's thrifted or a knock-off, but in the mean time 
i reworked my plaid pair into a winter-ready outfit.
jacket [H&M] blouse [Soel Boutique (local)*] pants [H&M] wellies [Hunter]
perfect for running errands on a cold, wet day.
once it warms up, trade the jacket and boots & with bright strappy sandals like these 

or these. and it is easily transformed!

while we're talking about Soel, you locals... will i see you at this party?:
sort of funny: i once got a load of referral traffic from a forum that was bashing utah/LDS bloggers,
and basically saying that we all know each other and it's some sort of conspiracy.

besides the conspiracy part, it is true! it's a tight-knit community and it's amazing because everyone is so supportive of one another. the people i've met, and opportunities and experiences that have come my way running Bijou and this blog have been such a blessing.
i hope to meet even more of you tomorrow night!

* still in stock


carla thorup said...

pinterest is so overwhelming it makes me feel like i'll never have an original thought again. however, i really appreciate your example of inspiration FROM pinterest. thanks! and cute outfit!

Topsy said...

I recently started reading your blog. It's fun and you have a great sense of humor! :)
I am planning on going to the blogger meet-n-greet tomorrow as well. See you there!

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