city creek center tour

Tiffany Blue. Trademarked and custom swatched by Pantone.
for my February with Tiffany and Co. post, i had the amazing opportunity of touring City Creek Center with the center's management and PR team. it was a dream! we even got to peek into several stores, and  i had my very own Breakfast at Tiffany's moment. just peeking in at their SHELVING gave me goosebumps. #nerd. i'm so excited to party with them next month INSIDE the store like a normal person. sorry, Audrey.
movie stills via Tumblr.
click through to see and hear some exclusives about City Creek! also, yours truly in a hard hat. schwing!

before we start, i should probably invest in a hard hat, safety goggles and neon construction vest, yes?
not the cutest look, but i was giddy all the same.
while we toured these brave gentlemen were putting up one of 
City Creek's newly unveiled marketing campaign. they're all over the freeway and downtown
and i'm a big fan!
i learned so much about the Center
and was proud to hear that it was the only shopping center of it's kind to open this year in the country.
the recession is such a downer, but it sparked some hope in me to see that Utah's economy is flourishing despite.

one thing that was incredibly impressive to me was that they recycled
materials, and even melted down steel for re-bar from the old ZCMI Center and Crossroads Mall 
and used it for City Creek. 
(The ZCMI Center's facade remains intact and it's the only cast iron facade like it in the country.)
 have you heard about the retractable roof yet? it's a stunner. 15,000 square feet of roof that just slides right open in 4 MINUTES like your garage door. combine that with the heated walk-ways... shopping year round is no biggie at City Creek.
image courtesy of City Creek
 *light and fire shows choreographed by the designer of the Bellagio water show (my favorite thing on Earth)
* 50+ pieces of art and sculpture
*outdoor dining right on Main Street.
*trout ponds, a running creek, and indigenous animal tracks for the kiddies to hunt.
the architecture is incredibly detailed and beautiful. Ron Loch was the lead architect and nothing short of a genius.
*a flagship Macy's and Nordstrom. meaning Nordstrom will have in-house boutiques like Gucci and plenty of other designers to drool over. woot woot!
image courtesy of City Creek
 the Grand Opening is only 28 days away and if you'd like to be involved there is an amazing Gala on March 21st. tickets are only $50 and 100% of proceeds go to a charity of your choice (choosing between Ballet West, Junior League, Hogle Zoo, or the Road Home.) on top of that City Creek is giving everyone in attendance a $20 gift card, food and drinks and a shopping preview. amazing right?


aubry. said...

1. lemme know if you want an orange or yellow vest. and i'll find you one that fits. once you're in the club, you're privy to construction garb that's *not* one size fits all. it's elite, yo.

2. i'm going.

Mara and Jae said...

can't wait for this to open! i see the big sign on the side of that building downtown every day while driving down south temple. super exciting!

Griffin and Gretchen said...

you are so VIP. I'm jeal. can't wait for the opening!

sinika said...

Wow! It looks amazing. Can't wait!

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