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just looking at these darling pics from Hayes' friend Rilo's 2nd birthday party
when my stomach dropped... Hayes turns 2 in 2 weeks. i can hardly believe it!

i'm a sort of linear compartmentalizer - how's that for a made up phrase?
i have to take things in the order they come. if i have a daunting project this week, i don't even think about the daunting project next week until this week's is done. make sense?
so while i've been gearing up for the selection process for Bijou Market's April line-up
(we're still accepting applications for a few more days until February 28th - get yours in!)
Hayes' birthday is knocking our door down.

while i'm over here deep-breathing, check out this perfect little party.
i've said it before, babies this age don't need much to have a good time.
4 walls (with no way out, perfect for when your kid likes to explore like Hayes does), a floor full of balloons and some tasty treats is heaven on earth.

Hayes and the birthday girl, Rilo.

 it was a pretty successful outing just me and the boys. sometimes i come home, feeling/looking like i just ran a marathon, wondering why i do it to myself, but this time i came home feeling like i accomplished a good thing. 

but, of course i always push my luck. can't i just get a pic with you Hayes, forpetessake?
and then of course when you've given up, they come sniffing around.
 bless this honeybaby for obliging.
thanks Bri and Rilo! 
also, it should be noted Bri threw this party 38 weeks pregnant, and had her little boy Collier the next week. his birth story is so amazing, read it here.


meg said...

So. I resisted pinching Callum's cheeks last night. But after that photo of him...let's face it, next time resistance will be FUTILE.

So excited for Bijou!

jessica kiehn said...

few things:
My cousin's middle name is Rilo and he's like 15...we thought we made the name up! Because our great grandfathers are Ralph and Milo...so they did Rilo. So cute that it's this little girl's name!

Hayes is so stinkin good looking. He's like the most attractive 2 year old I've ever seen.

You look so thin in that picture of Hayes refusing to pose with you!

CAL IS YOUR IDENTICAL TWIN!!!! In every picture, I'm like "gosh, he looks just like his momma"...

derek+chelsea said...

Emily I was reading an earlier post about you getting your jeans tailored. Where do you go? Do you know of a good place in Provo?

Emily Frame said...

Yes! I've used two tiny tailors in university mall. Also custom tailoring in AF!

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