Cal takes his morning nap at 10 and during that time things have known to get pretty 
cray-see around here. i've learned from my many mistakes, and now during  the 10 minutes or so that i am nursing and putting Cal down, i have to shut Hayes into my bedroom with Elmo's World cued up, shut the door to the master bathroom, and keep all valuables, and mess-making tools out of reach. 

each morning after putting Cal down, i walk down the stairs, open the door to my room apprehensively and still, after all the precautions are taken, a couple days a week some incredible mess has been made. it is like Hayes saves up all his mischief making for that 10 minutes (Cal's afternoon nap is after Hayes takes his own nap, so we're in the clear on that one.) 

at least there's comfort in knowing that across the world other people's kids are saving their mischief making for nursing time, too. enough times to warrant an Instagram hash tag: #whileiwasnursing.
my e-friend and yours, Courtney, is collecting them for your enjoyment here

this is one of the early ones, before i realized for his safety, he must be locked up.
he's naked, and as he would say, "gu----ck!"
pulled his yogurt from his highchair and the video monitor into the bed to relax
ate the frosting out of 22 oreos. 
and then just the other morning:
pretty proud: 


Brissa said...

ahaha. this is so good! i can't believe he gets into such random situations in just ten minutes. the oreos?! priceless.

Anna Culp said...

:) oh, that is hilarious (because i didn't have to clean it up)! how do you get lotion out of carpet? i'm 100% sure i will need to know that sometime in the next 6 months.

Brooke said...

So been there! I hide everything and then I can't find it. FYI: food coloring does not come out of carpet.

Diana Smith said...

haha he is a crack up!! This sounds like my girl who is 19 months, getting into everything. Sometimes I'll say to her "why did you do that?" she just looks at me like I dunno and I think oh yeah duh she doesn't know!!

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