we just got back last night for the world's most last minute trip.
Russ' mom and sister just moved from Northern California to a suburb of Las Vegas called Summerlin.
his brother was in town helping her move, and having everyone all together happens never
so we decided thursday morning and were out by 12 pm. 
major perk to being self-employed!

we pulled out at noon and grabbed a quick bite to eat before hitting the highway.
we had already said our prayer for safe travel.
car was packed, one of the two babies was already asleep.
when i went to take a sip of my drink, turns out the lid was only haphazardly secured.
12 ounces of soda alllll over my lap. i was soaked through.
i was laughing, Russ however was not.
back to the house for a shower and a new outfit. 
nothing's worse than not being on the road when you're supposed to be!
that's the name of the game when you travel with babies.
flexibility is everything.
and snacks. and movies. 

for those of you who've asked for baby traveling tips
here's a few// have the things you need at arms-reach.
toys, treats, movies. 
this time around we packed Hayes his own backpack and
he could pull whatever he wanted out of it. 
he loved that.

we like to bring snacks that take a while to eat.
a bag of chips, a sucker (a mess but so great.) for Cal
it was mum-mums. 

but, you guessed it, #1 priority is to be flexible.
make the traveling to your destination part of the fun.
we usually stop at a play place part way through
hit up a roadside market, or a thrift store.
when i nurse Cal, Russ takes Hayes on a walk.
i've found if you're thinking about making great time,
it makes for a stressful trip.
i have so many pics, but here are a few of the real reason for the trip.
so nice to spend time with family! 
(Russ' mom Ingrid, older brother Mitch, and little sister McKenzie.)


 and so nice to have sixty+ degree sunshine on my legs // Hayes prefers dirt on his, but whatev.

more to come!


Griffin and Gretchen said...

cute pictures! and great tips!

Nicole Christensen said...

last minute is right, i hardly even knew you left. needless to say, im glad you are back.

PSbyDila said...

What a cute pictures!


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