vd / lunch

my dad is the sweetest. 
he insisted he was coming over to watch the boys so Russ and i could go to lunch.
(definitely don't have to twist my arm, dad.)
his only requirement was that it was a nice lunch & not another Febru-any-any, because you know we love a good $5 foot-lo----ng.  (are you singing the jingle yet?)

russ came straight from work to meet me and i'm not sure what i was expecting, certainly not a suit & tie, but i died laughing:

 yakisoba for him and the rockstar roll for me. (highly reccomended. we've tried just about every roll at happy sumo, and this is my favorite.)
our good friend Lisa served us 
and even brought us a plate of baked goods 
R: "isn't that against the health code, Lisa."
L: "aren't your overalls against the health code, Russ."
love her.
she obliged us in this ultra cheesy pic.

 i came home to the napping house.
cutest grandpa, ever.