vd / dinner

we stuck to our tradition of making dinner together at home
:: sinful mashed potatoes which is one part actual potato and the rest fattening accoutrements.
:: grilled sirloin steaks
:: peanut butter cookies (i made another batch, because i am a glutton for punishment. which way to the  stair stepper?)

Hayes loves to help, and help he did.
we exchanged valentines
this one was as dicated by Hayes. 
he drew on it, placed the sticky hearts
and then asked me to draw daddy pig "oink!"
mama pick "oink oink!"
and baby pigs. he is having a Peppa Pig moment and it is maj.
russ bought me my first strand of real pearls!
i got him a little reminder, with the boys' birthdays on it, that he can carry with him.
nothing depresses russ more than missing out on anything related to the boys. whether it's mundane or magnificent it makes no difference to him, he just wants to be there. 
you know how i love a good ID bracelet.

Cal had a high-chair tray full of snacks, which is his heaven on earth.
he's getting pretty darn good with his little pinchers.
proof found all over my chest, as he loves to pinch my skin while he eats. 
mama's little piggy!


annie (the annilygreen one) said...

so cute! i have a pincher too...i've got nail-shaped scabs all over my boobs...ouch.

emma said...

your boys seriously are so cute.

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