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i am lacking in pin-follow-through.
lotta of pinning going on, not a lot of doing.
so many projects, and beautiful pictures, and recipes.
have i cooked a single one?
i'm 1 for 45
i was lazy and didn't de-seed the chipotles, and it was so so spicy
i drained the chicken from the broth and put it into cheese quesadillas (redundant?) with sour cream, avocado & plenty of fresh lime juice and it was delicious. the perfect amount of warm-your-whole body heat.
Russ approved! (pickiest eater alive.)] holy digression...
anyway, i'm going to be running with a weekly "(P)in Real Life" post,
which is my attempt at taking what inspires me online and recreating it
with what i already have. 

first up... the quickest way to look chic & put together:
we already know i love it, but do you?
photo credits  1 2 3 4

 a messy, straight out of the shower top-knot, swipe of MAC RED lipstick, rosy cheeks, nude  powdered lids with a thin cat-eye liquid line.

Russ' cardigan [Gap] waxed trousers* [c/o Zara] and snakeskin printed pumps* [H&M.]
i wore this outfit all day around the house with furry slippers.
 it is nursing Cal approved, wrestling with Hayes approved, 
and when we were ready to go out for an evening with friends slippers came off and pumps came on. 

*still in stock


Steoffrey said...

What a great idea to follow through! Those pants are hot!

Elle Keeps Moving said...

LOVE this, please keep it up!

Mandy said...

Emily - I am ordering the Zara pants you so highly recommend. Since there are no sizes and I need them for a work event - do they run TTS? Thanks!

Emily Frame said...

I got a medium & they fit a little big in the waist, but great everywhere else. I typically wear a 4-6.) you'll love them!

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