the bean

 i've been dying to take Hayes to the zoo, but his daddy-o wants in and the only available day is saturday... but, we're not chumps. the zoo on a saturday? no thanks.
so while we wait for muffin to have a lull in the work week action, we headed to The Bean Museum, the opposite of the zoo on a Saturday, as there is not another single soul there, as it is the creepiest taxidermic hot-spot in these western united states.
 (creepy and so so cool!)

as predicted, Hayes loved it. really & truly.

a giant butterfly made of tiny dead butterflies? 
and this circular rotating work of art - uplifting is it not?
and one more for the road.
sweet dreams!


Kimberly Horne said...

I have been to a similar dead stuffed animal museum me and my family found while traveling off the side of the highway. It's interested and a little creepy...haha.

xoxo, Jjanga

ashmae said...

Ah, ye olde Bean. I claimed I thought it was so weird until my relatives came into town, and suddenly I was so eager to show them my world and the first stop was the Bean Museum. Many a good day has been had there in my life. Remember the nice, giant snake they bring out twice a day?

Emily said...

So, should I admit this? Eh, why not. I designed and made that giant butterfly during an internship there in High School. There also used to be a bunch of other insect displays by it that I did. Funny to see it still up. :)

Anna Culp said...

haha my alex loves that place! i find taxidermy to be super creepy...although i really like to see elephants. they look less dead? i don't know. the bean even has a children's storytime/play area.

chari-o said...

I love the Bean! I've got some awesome memories of taking Avery there when she was three. Priceless.

Sarah Wilks said...

Bwah ha ha - that place sounds so weird! I love it though - especially those photos! x

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

when we go to the "animal place," my girl's face lights up and she runs around smiling like we're at disneyland. i like that it's much cheaper than disneyland.

emily+brett said...

we love the bean! steele is still a little frightened though...as am i;)

Martha said...

Ha ha I grew up at the Bean Museum! It seems that anytime we were in town visiting family we'd head over there for the afternoon. I haven't been in some time though...

lindsey v said...

I have a tip about going to the zoo. Go in the afternoon! People think if they can just get there right when it opens, that they can beat the crowds. But guess what? So does everyone else who goes to the zoo that day. Okay, so I haven't tried this out on a Saturday. But weekday mornings are crazy-pants too. And a lot of times I go on days that there is no school so I think it counts pretty much as a Saturday. If you go around 4 pm, that's perfect. 3 at the earliest. They close the gates at 5 but they stay open until 6. So that's 3 hours of zoo time with the crowds getting smaller and smaller. If Saturdays work the best for you, you should give it a try!

Tip # 2:
NEVER go to the zoo on Halloween.

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