tiffany & co. / city creek opening

well, she's here! wednesday Jenna and i had the pleasure of attending the ribbon cutting and "Breakfast at Tiffany's" party and it was a lovely morning to say the least! 
after working with Tiffany & Co. and Intrepid (the PR team for City Creek) i can say whole heartedly that Tiffany's is so excited to be in Utah, and they are committed to building a lasting impression on us all. City Creek is absolutely stunning and Tiffany's exceeded all my expectations, here's a peek at the party!

this curved herringbone pattern is a motif throughout the whole store. i was dying over it. 
photo: sarah tyau
you know on Sweet Home Alabama when Melanie is being proposed to and they're at Tiffany's and the team one by one take out trays of gorgeous diamonds for her to pick from? that happened to me. 
obviously nothing for keeps, but it took my breath away regardless.
Paul Frough

Jenna and i had such a great morning, we finished up at Tiffany's and went shopping for a couple hours. here's what we wore - & we're obviously  really quite serious about it:

Dress [ASOS] Sandals [Zara*] chanel knock-off [thrifted] 
rose gold watch [Michael Kors]  gold chain bracelet [vintage] Feather Cuff [Soel*]
sunnies [F21] 

striped tee & skirt [JCrew]  necklace [TJ Maxx] clutch [Nordstrom] heels [Anthropologie] necklace tortoise shell watch [Nixon]

i wrestled with the idea of bringing my camera in or not, but ultimately left it in the car. 
here's what we got with my phone.
a. brunch of juice, salmon bellinis, and scones.
b. beautiful architecture at City Creek
c. Tiffany's back window looks right out to the temple. such a romantic little spot!
d. hello, lover. just a a little $36,000 sparkler.

Tiffany and Co. you could not have been a more lovely host,
and to Intrepid, you guys sure know how to treat a gal.

i've seen several of your DIY polka dot pants from this tutorial and i am LOVING them!
each is completely different from the next.
if you made a pair of your own, send me a pic i'd love to share them all in one post next week.

happy weekend!


qadesign.jenna said...

um wow. can you say ridiculous? you can feel my uncomfortableness seeping through the screen. i like it.

you look incredible & as always it was a delight to spend the day with my number one. xoxo.

qadesign.jenna said...

i'm also happy to see my nursing boobs in full bloom.

rebecca said...

so so fun! i am so happy to welcome tiffanys and all of city creek to slc! yay!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

*Le Sigh*

Beatific Ponderances said...

Wow, I want to travel all the way from calgary to my lovely "home-of-my-heart" to see the new mega mall! But, what I'm really wondering is if those yummy sunglasses you're sporting are from this season, because I Love them, and want them desperately.

thanks you much

Emily Frame said...


They are from last year! Definitely my favorite pair! I think they were trying to mimic House of Harlow's "Chelsea" and I'd imagine a few other companies would do the same... Try 80spurple.com?

chari-o said...

I'm going to polka-dot some pants, but I have to wait until my budget renews next month...maybe you can wait until the end of the week to post??? :)

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