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this dyeing method is nothing new, but it was my first time trying it out for myself! ombre, gradient, whatever you call it, it couldn't be more simple, yet totally impossible to control.
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nevertheless, i gave it a go and ended up pretty happy with it!
(although, i am sitting here in shock that the angle at which i pulled the dress from the dye
makes me look so pregnant i almost went to pee on a stick just now to be sure.)
in real life:
dress (originally white, dyed using navy blue RIT) [JCREW] cardigan [H&M] socks [GAP] shoes [WILD DIVA via Forever Young shoes (local)] beanie and double finger ring [F21] cuff [SECONDHAND]

keep on going to see the before & during!

i started with this old Jcrew dress. i rarely wear it. because lets be honest, it looks like something Anne Shirley strips down to before she takes a dip in the lake. 
using navy blue RIT dye & tips from Freshly Picked tutorial we set on our way. 
my little sister Bethany dyed a white cotton tank and it soaked up the dye in seconds. i knew i'd have to be a little faster with mine, so i dunked it right under the bias, and quickly lifted it up several inches, then again several inches, then let it rest with the bottom few inches submerged.


jessica kiehn said...

You have a tub of blue dye ON CARPET WITH A TWO YEAR OLD RIGHT NEXT TO IT?!
Bravest woman on earth.

Have you ever seen Body of Proof? It's on ABC. Your sister looks JUST like the daughter on there. (The actresses name is Mary Mouser.)

Anonymous said...

I love your pin real life posts.

Emily Frame said...

haha, it's grass!!

Howard Family said...

LOL I thought it was carpet too and I was thinking "omg, I can't watch this!". :)

Someone In Mind said...

I totally thought that it was carpet and now I am laughing so hard because I thought to myself...what an idiot!!! And then I realized...wow, I am an idiot!!!

So funny!!!!

(um when I say idiot it is a term of endearment...really!)

Someone In Mind said...

PS If I do this I am going to use two buckets of die. One with only a touch of die and start off in that one...and then progress to the darker mixture.

Love it!

Emily Frame said...

I would be the worlds biggest idiot using permanent dye on carpet with a two year old in a block radius!!

Michelle said...

turned out super cute!!

emma said...

you are so creative emily. the dress looks so cute, and i love it with those socks.

Caitlin said...

niiiice. I'd like to try that. And bonus, you can still wear that when you take a dip into the lake and you'll just feel more like a hippie.

Laura said...

I'm a new reader to your blog. I love all the stuff you do and you have such a cute family. Thanks for sharing!

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