phoning it in

we found out early last week that Cal has RSV and bronchiolitis, poor babe! 
it's been a long mostly sleepless week for the both of us, but he is on the mend and doing so much better! 
i think i got 5 consecutive hours of sleep last night which is about 3 more than i've been getting. zoinks! 
while Russ is always willing to pull the night shift, we all know how that usually pans out.

so while we've been doing a lot of this:
we did our best to enjoy the weekend anyway and captured a bit here and there thanks to our trusty telephones:
01> when Hayes props up his little leg like this, i can hardly stand it.
02> getting so so excited for City Creek to open this week! i have a few parties to attend in it's honor, but i can't help but squeal when i think about the party Tiffany & Co. - i mean check out this invite!
03>Saturday morning was the Utah County's inaugural Women Who Lunch outing, at my favorite breakfast spot, Communal. fresh squeezed orange juice, ginger sugar brûléed grapefruit & the brunch burger... all to mah-self.
04>Cal got his appetite back in full force at the end of the week. i could hardly keep up! he has been pounding baby food, nursing like a newborn & biting like a pirahna. eeeyowch.
05>we found the cheapest play kitchen ($20!) and realized why when we dumped it out to find a billion parts and instructiones todos en espanol. you get what you pay for! but, Hayes has been loving making us little plates of food and saying "mmm!" after every "bite."
06> like most weekends we ate out a great deal. we hit up SLAB and although we stuck to our usual Buffalo Wing choice, we also tried the Breakfast Pizza with potato sausage chilies and a sunny-side up egg. so good!

also, inadvertently wore a top to bottom gray outfit two days in a row.
it's been awhile since i had something i was so excited about i wore it consecutively, but
Gap's 1969 Skimmers are the perfect pant.
i was sad to see they only make this particular cut in one color, because i would have bought them all.
and yes that is me carrying a puzzle around town.
Hayes is obsessed with it and where we go, it goes.
we're laying low today while spring teases us with yet another blizzard,
but don't worry it's forecasted to be warm again immediately thereafter.
no wonder we're all getting sick, whose immune system could keep up with such fluctuating barometric pressure in the air?
(did i sound smart there, because i don't have a clue what i just said.)


Anonymous said...

hope Cal continues to get better and you guys get more sleep.

Very cute tiffany's invite. Very jealous

aubry. said...

places i've yet to try in utah county:


what is wrong with me?

i would like to inhale 344543 more menu items at mountain west burrito - one of everything, please, in every form of animal and vegetable - but slow and steady, aubry.

Sarah Wilks said...

Glad Cal is feeling better! I like your grey outfits by the way - when a colour works, it works! x

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