park (not a) party

as previously stated we agreed on no formal party for Hayes' 2nd birthday. 
and up until a few days before, i was still on board.
then i saw the weather forecast... 60 degrees & not a cloud in the sky!
i quickly sent an email to the parents of Hayes' friends (so, ahem, my friends.)
i told them it was the world's most informal get together and that it would just be playing at the park in the sunshine. no gifts, no games, no hassle.

we had a few pizzas delivered to the park, brought a few bevies and let the kids go to town.
you can't even call it a party, it wasn't one.
but, it was perfect for us.

party people - at least who i could snap up:
 Hazel, Goldie and Shelly
 Kayti and Bri's Collier, Lindsay and Rune, and a couple hubbies in the background.
 Dane and Dash, Lindsay and Poppy
 a prancing Quinner, Collin & Lola
 Cal and Jude - 3 weeks apart! 
 the nursing brigade. it's like this everywhere we go.
 Jenna, Nicole and brand new Sunny boy!
 Hayes & Gus... these boys are Trouble.
 post b-day cupcake // Frame fam

just so we're all on the same page here, we'll probably be throwing not parties until the end of time.


tallia said...

we host this exact same party at our house every friday! Pizza and friends, thats all you really need. Just because its not pintrest worthy doesn't mean its not a party. :)

tallia said...

And I am sure hayes didn't miss the ombre balloon wall, or the polka dotted paper straws.

jessica kiehn said...

Give me a break! This is perfect, its TOTALLY a party! Its perfect. Genius. This is right up our alley. Spending more money than time with your kids for their birthday to make it something spectacular is just obnoxious and has nothing to do with your kids.

Sarah Wilks said...

What a great idea - we had a get together ourselves last weekend due to the oh-so-gorgeous weather over here - it was heaven! xx

Martha said...

I love Riverview Park! My family has many BBQs there in the summer. Looks like a fun little birthday party!

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