DIY polka-dot pants

gotta a super fun & easy DIY today for you!
seriously easy, i mean it. 
if you're the type that loves to announce how "not crafty" you are, these are for you.

here are the steps:
1. you'll need a pair of pants. or a shirt, dress, skirt, really whatever you want to be polka-dotted.
2. acrylic or fabric paint in the color of your choice. i did white.
Rashelle did a a mix of metallic silver and white.
3. a pencil with a new eraser. this is of course, if you want your polka-dots to be about 1 mm in diameter. 

4. decide what pattern you want. we did a diamond/brick-layer method.
note: you don't need to mark it beforehand. in fact, if i made these again i'd probably eye-ball it. since the marker dot isn't really to scale, it ends up looking a lot different. if you went straight at it with the pencil eraser, it would probably end up more accurate anyway!
but, if you like to have a place mark, read on...

diamond pattern: if you marked your first row of dots on a ruler, they'd be at the 1 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch marks. the next row would then be at the 1.5 inch, 2.5 inch, and 3.5 inch mark.
the row below that would go back to 1, 2, 3 inch mark. 
when you're done you'll see a diamond pattern with in your polka-dots.

5.  using a pencil with a new eraser, dip it eraser side down into fabric or acrylic paint. make sure the eraser is evenly coated, then lightly press down into the pants. you'll need to re-dip for each polka-dot.

wearing a baby during this process is not necessary, but all the cool kids are doing it, wink wink.
6. because we were on a time crunch, we just blew the dots dry.
again, not necessary.
 and you're done!
because we already had the jeans and the supplies around the house, 
pretty sure we just saved ourselves $218!
i'll let Rashelle show you hers, but here's a teeny peek:
we love, love, love the gray, yes? 
it's going to take some serious restraint to not polka-dot my whole wardrobe.


Fox and Sparrows said...

OKay for real?! This is awesome!!

LeRae said...

Cute and so easy~

Vanilla Day

Laura said...

I stumbled onto your blog through Pinterest. Thanks for sharing! I've been eyeing Anthro's polka dot jeans for a while, but I don't want to break the bank. I'm excited to do this!

kate said...

Ah! I saw a pair of black jeans with brown polka dots in the little girls section and target and have been hunting for a pair for me. I seriously never thought to make them. I am excited to try these out!

I literally posted on my blog today about how "not crafty" I am. #embarrassing

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

perfect perfect idea!


Tiffany said...

Stop it...Yours are just as cute as the anthro ones. I can't believe they're so easy to make!!

nicole choules said...

love! gonna try this at home

brandonandlindslitzner said...

thanks so much for the tutorial!! i LOVE my new polka-dot pants!


::: Wild lola {Naia} said...

awww thank you for sharing this simple and beautiful DIY! I think i´ll try this!

Emma Miya said...

that is too stinkin cute, too stinkin AWESOME and too stinkin TRENDY COOL!
Great job. they look great on you!

Now.... I want to know how you braided your hair back like that. When I try to braid my hair back, it doesn't look THICK like that. (is your hair just that thick? or do you have a trick?) :)

Emma Miya said...

I just realized, I don't think you can see my email.
you can email me at beth.perry19@yahoo.com
(emma miya is my internet alias)
thanks so much!!!

Cleo Rogers said...

This is so awesome! I definitely need to try this out ASAP, they turned out way too cute! :)
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