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this week's inspiration is far less refined and a little scattered, bear with me.

one of my very first pins was of Sienna Miller wearing the Chloe Susanna boot (top left.) the girl can do no wrong in my mind, and with the recent re-release of these boots they've been popping up everywhere. i can't shake them. i think they're pre--tty cool.

Isabel Marant recently showed her own version (bottom 3 looks) and then it was over. i looked for knock-offs, seriously contemplating the math in my mind on how i might be able to swing these Jeffrey Campbell pair. but at $248 they might as well have been the $2200 (that's right, i said $2200!) Chloes. just isn't going to happen right now.
so i employed my own mantra and shopped my closet... and spotted these.
i haven't worn them since December '09 at a baby shower for Hayes.
time for an overhaul, boots!

basically, i hemmed them the way you would hem a pair of jeans.
cut out the middle, reattached the top to the bottom
and then added some metallic paint.
less than an hour later:

now, they're not going to win me any awards, but after staring at them for an hour, 
i never want to see them or the Chloes again, so mission accomplished!

interpreting all of these things into an outfit ended up like this:
blantant western or blatant grunge is just too much blatancy.
somehow mixing the two works for me.
in real life:
necklace [c/0 Made by Jewls] head & the heart tee* [subpoprecords.com] gingham button-down [F21] denim button-down [H&M] faded black denim & cut-off black hoodie [Gap] boots [originally gojane.com]

i backdated a post with more detailed instructions on the boots, if you're into it - click here.


Cate said...

How clever! I think you have the look down to a T. I found similar boots at the Tj max Orem....but they definitely don't have the wow factor like yours do...I still couldn't pass them up!

When I am not so large and in charge pregnant I definitely feel inspired to try to work this look! Thanks for the inspiration!

chari-o said...

nice work!! i'm very impressed.

Hayley said...

How on earth did you do that?! That is incredible! So resourceful and brilliant!

LeRae said...

wow what a talent!
it looks really good~
Vanilla Day

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