hayes' second birthday

we decided a few months ago that we weren't going to do a big party this year for Hayes. every time i started thinking about planning a party for him, it stopped being about him
it was making huge guest lists so no one would feel left out, it was party favors, games, 
on and on. so not Hayes at all.
beautiful cake
at two years old the last thing Hayes wants to do is be ushered through a line-up of games and activities. the last thing he wants to do have 20 kids in his face while he opens presents. he's just a mellow, quiet, intimate little guy. 

anyway, i was determined to keep his birthday about him, and we did just that. Hayes woke up to waffles and a basketball hoop and we gave him a present every couple hours all day. after we had a quiet morning together,
we headed to the park for a beautiful 60! degree play date with his friends 
(more on that later.)

after the park, Hayes hit the sack until the evening, all the while Russ blew up balloons with his air compressor (45 balloons in 5 minutes!) and i got some work done.
after naptime we went to his favorite, favorite 5 Guys Burgers and Fries, where he ate his own patty, a giant fistful of fries and all my pickles... all dipped in fry sauce, of course.

when we got home my family was waiting for us to sing to Hayes!

 after i took the cake away to cut him a piece. there's always one birthday meltdown, right? i know i have one every year to this day.
Avery trying to console him...
all better with a pooh bear at his side (and cake and ice cream, too.)
we did bubbles:
drew our best renditions of Hayesie... where i finally saw my dad draw something for the first time in my life! (seriously, never even seen a doodle.) i am kicking myself because all the drawings except one got thrown away!! that's what you get when you draw on the same plates you're using for cake. 
all of us in our Hayes masks - creepy?

sweet Callum getting passed around all night. 

 opening presents!

 and the only plate that survived, Collin's. 
pretty darn good, right?
"I Guck!" is Hayes' favorite phrase. he says he's stuck whenever he can't get off, in, out of something, can't reach something off the counter, when i give him hugs, etc. etc. etc.

i loved finding this candle in the rubble this morning.
not everything on the cake was edible, darling Hayes.

a word about the fantastic cake:
my friend Amanda was so incredibly sweet to offer up her talents
to make Hayes' from-scratch funfetti cake.
it was the most delicious thing and so darling.
if you're local and needing to take a huge burden of your shoulders (it certainly did mine!) for your next party, get a hold of Amanda. she is superb.


Cate said...

I am glad you wrote this! My little guy is turning two in June and my little lady is due in May! I have been feeling guilty (because that is what I am good at ;) for not doing a big celebration for his birthday! But waffles in the morning and presents all day long ended with bubbles sounds like it would be a dream of a day for him!

Glad that your little guy had such a special day!

Senja said...

that cake and the party is so cute! i love the idea to keep birthdays simple. for the sake of the mothers and kids. :) you have a special little boy :)

ps: if you don't already know - here in sweden IKEA has a produt recall for the high chair you use as the buckle has opened a few times and kids can climb and fall out. i saw that IKEA in the US has it too: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/about_ikea/newsitem/ANTILOP_high_chair_recall_Jan2012

carla thorup said...

that balloon wall is SO GOOD. and way to be with simple.

elizabeth kartchner said...

i got all teary reading this... i can't believe he's 2! Love Haysie so much!

auntie liz

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