March 10, 2012

To My Hayes,

Tonight, long after you've gone to bed you will officially turn two years old. 730 days ago at 11:12 p.m. you made me a mother. It feel like two years flew by, but so much life exists between March 10, 2010 and today. I wanted to write down what you were like at two years old, and where to begin?

I asked you're dad what his favorite thing about you is, and he said, "How loving he is." You really are the most sweet, tender, gentle, caring, thoughtful, and angelic boy. You are so good. And you came that way. I can only hope as your parents, we don't interfere with the good heart and soul you have had all your life. 

I feel so lucky to be your mama, for infinitely many reasons, the list has length and breadth. You are so full of life and joy fills every room as you enter it. You make little friends in seconds, dancing (you do a mean Pony step) and laughing with them, invading their personal space and they love it. When it comes to grown-ups you are quite a bit more careful. You're a tough nut to crack for most adults, they have to work hard and put in the time if they want to catch a glimpse of the Hayes we know and love. Once they've earned it and get the Hayesie seal of approval, it's the best place to be. 

For the last few months your vocabulary is expanding exponetially. Each day you pick up handfuls of new words, your memory is so sharp and we've started having more complex conversations.
Some of my favorite one-liners as of late:
*I asked you to bring me my shoes so we could go out, 
you obediently brought them to my feet and said to me, "Hee go big guy." 
*Every time I leave the room and come back, even if it's only seconds, 
I am greeted with the most sweet "Hi mama!" If I am gone for awhile I'll get a "hi mama, whay go?"
When you are trying to get your dad's attention and he's in a different room you yell "Whuss!!!" He does not like it, I think it's hilarious.
*"I poot." - before/while you're doing your business.
*when we were *Cal loves to grab at all your toys, and you are so nice to share. 
Except for when it's your stuffed Winnie the Pooh... "My Pooh! No baby Tao (Cal)."
*You love to have your back tickled, you come plop your back over my lap and say "Teek!" (so polite!) if I try to do it over your shirt you, reach your arm back and pull up your shirt and say "Teek!" again.

You are such an intelligent boy, Hayes. You know the names and sounds of every animal in all your books. You count "One two tee!" and "Eight Nigh Ten!" If I ask you to spell your name you say "A Y E S!" but never H. You love to pick out letters and you are good at finding O's and S'es just about anywhere. You love to color and will ask for any color in the rainbow by name and black, brown, gray and white. Lets not even go into how vocal and word-filled your food requests have become. You love to do puzzles, build legos, play with play-doh and anything with wheels. You ask to go outside and "pay" every day all day.

You love to play with friends, but only a few at a time. We had a huge play date at our house with lots of kids, and you watched a movie by yourself in my bed. I love that about you, and as I learned to respect that about you, I also learned much about parenting. Parenting seems to be navigating your way through what's important and what's not. Picking battles, and letting things work themselves out. My goal as a parent is to love and respect you for who you are, and I promise to do my very best!

While I am nursing and putting Cal to sleep you get to watch your favorite shows, Sesame Street and Peppa Pig. You will name just about all the main characters on the street - "Al-mo, Abby, Osc, Cook, Bih-Beh (Big Bird), Beet (Bert), Eaw (Ernie.) You say the whole intro of Peppa Pig "Peppa Pig, brother Do-jge (George) Mama Pig and Daddy Pig." 
You love to wrestle, take bubble baths, and anything and everything if your dad is around. Lately you cry and cry for him while he's at work. 

When I found out I was pregnant, you were only 8 months old. Not even crawling yet. I spent most mornings, sometimes all day near the bathroom, and you were always patiently waiting for me. At 16 months old your brother Cal was born, and I fell in love with you all over again watching you be a big brother, even though you were just a baby. Never a moment of jealousy. No one would have blamed you, you definitely got jipped when it comes to one-on-one time with your parents. and I don't think it bothered you for one second. A handful of curious hitting episodes that always followed by heartbreaking sobs from you, I always have to console you after you get too rough, you feel so bad for making Cal cry. You love when Cal is laughing and happy and will do anything, repeatedly, to make him laugh. You share your toys, bring him anything you think he might like. You're always wanting to feed him whatever you're eating that you enjoy. I always said you should've been a youngest sibling because you enjoy older kids so much, but the way you treat your baby brother has over-filled my heart with pride. Sometimes I have to be reminded that you're still a baby yourself, that my expectations are too high, but really, you always exceed them anyway.

These last two years have been everything to me. They have intensified my every emotion, refined every flaw, pushed me to reprioritize my life and go after our family dreams. If I ever wonder if God loves me, I need only look at you Hayes. He must love me very much to let me spend the rest of my life as your mama.

Happy happy birthday, baby boy. I love you, and the world is yours!



jessica kiehn said...

Teared up at "if i ever wonder if God loves me, i need only look at you, Hayes."
Couldn't be more true.
Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Sarah Wilks said...

Happy Birthday Hayes! Such a sweet post - it makes me so excited for the upcoming year for my little one-year old! x

kate365til30 said...

Beautiful...beautiful...beautiful post. I want to be a mother soon even more after reading this post:) Happy Birthday Hayes

kate365til30 said...

Beautiful...beautiful...beautiful post. I want to be a mother soon even more after reading this post:) Happy Birthday Hayes

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