i would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party

i remember last spring, sitting at a softball game gushing with Liz about our love for brightly colored skinnies.
since then we've amassed quite the collection. 
(it's not a shared collection, 
are you kidding?
i could fit my right arm in her jeans. (first thing in the morning, after a 2-day juice fast.))
and when you add my boys and her girls in... taste the rainbow, people! taste it.

Hayes and Quincey killll me.

this morning i showed him these and he said:
"A-wee! Kiki! Wowa! Pay? Otay!"
(Avery? Quincey? Lola? Play? Okay!)
maybe i started tearing up? maybe.
for the sake of thorough research, i took a quick peek through my insta-feed.
in one week's time...
pants party via Brick Tamland.

photos by Collin & Liz.


Anonymous said...

I love all your brights pants. I don't have any :-( I did jsut get a pair of neon pink sperry's from jcrew. they make me happy, but I still need bright pants.

kate said...

Where are you favorites from?! I have some great red cords for J.Crew but can't find any others that fight well.

jessica kiehn said...

LOVE colored skinnies. Can't find any good ones in my parts. Where are all yours from?

Emily Frame said...

i'll have to get details from liz about hers and my nieces but ours are from
JC Penney (my green and cobalt ones $17 each) F21 (red $12.50!) and yellow were thrifted.

Hayes' are from H&M!

Sarah Wilks said...

I'll come to your pants party! I've just bought myself a bright green pair of skinnies, and I bought a red pair a few months ago...collection: started. x

Michelle said...

every time I see your cute braids and pony's it makes me want to have long hair again..

jenna said...

youre just as skinny as liz. the end.

katie beth said...

big fan of the bright pants party. huge.

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