pin real life / 4

utah is such a tricky little bird, we've been waiting for a "real" winter for months and now, here it is March, and the snow is coming.
there's something about a white-out skyline that makes me go for the winter whites.
i wore a version last year (and man am i missing that hair right about now!) 

this year, my winter-white-loving-heart has made room for pretty much any other neutral in addition. grays and greiges. off white and cream. blush and ballet pink. 
the point of these combinations, like with wearing all black, is to have a way to mix several textures without it being busy or loud.
i think these below looks are even more successful than an all black outfit 
because all black tends to create a unbroken column (which is why it's so slimming) 
while each of these neutral pieces stay separated to the eye.

in real life:
secretary blouse [thrifted] blazer* & skirt [H&M] heels [Missoni for Target]
lips: fuschia fever by Maybelline, the perfect barbie pink!
i usually try to keep it just one pic of myself, you know, just trying to keep my self-absorption in check...
(says the girl taking pictures of herself and posting them to the internet.)
but, i loved how something so simple as pushing blazer sleeves up
makes the look so much less stuffy. 
it is definitely not a wear-anywhere-all-day look if you have babies.
but for a few hours at church with little to no run-ins with spaghetti sauce fingers?


cPk said...

Cute! Love the skirt!

emily+brett said...

One of my favs thus far! That skirt is wowza and I love the idea of all neutrals! I'm going to try it out.

Emily Dickson said...

I love your pin real life posts! Keep 'em up!

Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

Hey beautiful girl! It's been awhile! Just started following you. Fun to catch up on your life. I love the H& M teal sweater. I have it too! love your outfit posts!

Silvia said...

I think this is in my top 3 favorite outfit you've ever posted.

lindsay ross said...


Cate said...

You look so pretty! This is a perfect church outfit! I really love your blog! your birth stories were so inspiring :)

jenna said...

total babe. can't wait for breakfast at tiffanys :)
love you.

Aaron + Kayti said...

lookin bangin gurl!

Mrs. Ham said...

you look so beautiful!! i love the skirt!


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