easter «rewind

here's a peek back at our weekend!

making cookies with Gigi. Hayes was so focused the entire time. everything we tried to do the help was followed by a "i do it." 

 celebrated my dad's birthday. i made my first from scratch cake. it was pretty good, i must say.
we bowled and played at the arcade, and in the battle of nature versus nurture -- cheating at arcade games is totally nature.
 my dad and his fiancee got the boys the cutest easter baskets - Hayes' looked like a certain bear he carries around everywhere. so of course, he had to carry it to Cafe Rio for dinner, and to church, and on a bike ride. Cal was pretty enamored with a certain pinwheel // also some from the egg hunt last week. 
Russ replaced all the tubes in all 3 of our bikes and got the bike trailer up and running - it was perfect bike weather. Russ' brother Mitch is in town working with Russ on a job so even Mitch got to come. Hayes is loving it.
and has added "Where's Meech?" to his list of people he asks about daily.
Nicole & Dane blessed their baby Sunny
i totally matched the boys for Easter Sunday.
totally didn't think i was that mom,
totally am. totally.
Cal being his usual charming self.
i absolutely love Easter - maybe my favorite day this year so far! 


chari-o said...

I wish I was on Hayes's list..."Where's cheety?"

Anonymous said...

cute family! hopped over from liz's blog! i scrolled down a bit and was happy to see a bronco! just take the top off, your kids will be so excited they'll learn to control their breathing :) mine did!

Sarah Wilks said...

Ha - I never thought I'd be "that mom" either - but instead of matching two children (yet - I've only got the one so far!), I colour-coordinate (so, um, nearly matching) my outfit to my little Dot's - my husband is so embarrassed! Such a cute family photo, too - glad you had a nice Easter! x

Kendra said...

Cute post! I know this is an odd question, but where do you get your baby boy's pants? They are adorable. I am pregnant with a little boy and have found that cute boy clothes are a lot harder to find!

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