friday business

first: it's snowing! don't be alarmed this happens all the time. just hopefully not until JUNE like last "Spring."

second: bethany and i filmed the bang braid hair tutorial and you can find it in the original post here or the direct link to youtube here.
like i said, deep identical voices. also we showed a lot of restraint not being total dorks, but there is still some dorkaciousness to be had. "don't i look bangin'?" good one, Em. also, don't be alarmed at the huge linear goose egg on my forehead. i went to get something out of my car and swung the door open right into my forehead. all i could say for minutes was a whispered pleading "why?" i still don't know. and it still hurts.
third: Square Native interviewed Nicole , Rashelle and I for next week's Bijou Market. you can check it out here, i give a few of my favorite local restaurants if that entices you at all.

Heather also bravely accepted the challenge to photograph all of our boys.
yep, we have 7 kids between us & not a single girl.
5 of those little angels came to us after Bijou began, crazy!

fourth: here is our official flyer and blog button for the market. if you've been and loved it, and want to share it on your respective blogs, Facebooks, Instagrams, Twitters, Fridges, i will personally give you five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.
if you're on FB care to RSVP to the event?

are we loving the water color motif or what? Jenna of QA Designs hit yets another homerun.
we went with this theme for a couple of reasons which i'm going to be sharing next week. i can hardly contain my excitement, but this post is already dra--gging so let's wrap this up.

i hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!
here's what we'll be up to:
we had an Easter hunt with my friends yesterday and pretty positive Hayes had a piece of candy in his mouth, and both hands the whole time. based on his complete ungluing over a donut last night, we'll be avoiding the hunting of candy filled eggs and going for a more crayon/play-doh/new movie/bouncy ball type of basket.

today is my dad's birthday! before we bowl the night away i am making him his favorite: white cake with chocolate frosting. 

then, for the 5th year in a row i've either taught or spoke in church on Easter. so i'll be preparing for my lesson for the women of our church and feeling totally unprepared and antsy like i always do.

my ultimate weekend goal is to really focus the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
what a difference this knowledge has brought to my life! His example and unconditional love is what picks me up when i fall and what i mold my own (flawed) life after.

this quote by the President of my church gave me great encouragement this week:

"Seek heavenly guidance one day at a time. Life by the yard is hard; by the inch — it's a cinch. Each of us can be true for just one day — and then one more, and then one more after that, until we've lived a lifetime guided by the Spirit, a lifetime close to the Lord, a lifetime of good deeds and righteousness." -President Thomas S. Monson

i  think i can do that!
happy weekend.


emma said...

yesssss. that video is amazing. totally makes sense now! thanks emily and sis.

Anonymous said...

oh boy did i need that thought today.
crying my eyes out.
yes life is full of trial, but if we take it by inch we can do it.
and serving others, there really isn't anything better.
happy easter em!!
loves you.

Brooke said...

I can't wait for my hair to get long! Happy Bijou... wish I could go.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tutorial!

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