bang braid how-to

my little sister Bethany, as far as i know, invented this braid. we have pictoral evidence of such dating back to May of 2009, i had never seen it before and was quickly obsessed.
it is by far the thing i get the most requests for, so let's give this how-to thing a shot.
(there is another how-to out there but it confused me... and i already know how to do it.)
 so... i'll do my best to explain it really clearly and if all else fails let's meet up and i'll show you! i didn't learn how to french braid until last year (!) so if i can do it - anyone can.
yes, i am in serious need of a trim. bad.
but, my hair color was done at Salon K, they used a technique called "Balayage"
which is the lovechild of melting and a regular weave.
i got it done for free! if you follow their Facebook page you'll see that they regularly offer free hair styling to whoever claims it first. sweet!

step by step after the jump!

now off you go!
the reason why this braid looks so amazing is because you are only using hair from your existing part. each new chunk comes from your part getting closer and close to the crown (back) of your head. with a standard french braid you're pulling hair equally from each side, while this one only pulls hair from one side down to the braid.

1. part your hair. (i do a deep part because i don't have a lot of hair to work with on the sides. the back is as thick as pudding, but the front struggles.)
2. start by grabbing the #1 piece, closest to the start of your forehead. you can go as thin or thick as you want. i usually grab finger's width amounts at a time.
3. grab the #2 and pull the #1 piece over it.
4. keep grabbing new pieces and pulling around and down.

continue pulling sections of hair into the braid, and keep in mind that the direction that you pull the braid is how it will lay when you're done. so if you're wearing the braid with your hair down, braid it down towards your shoulder. if you're putting the braid up in a bun or pony-tail, braid parallel to your shoulder but at hold it up as high as your ear.


Living the Scream said...

I have been trying to do a bang braid for forever and fail every time! I am going to try this. So cute!

aubry. said...

um, i'm just going to need to come over.

Emily Frame said...

another confusing tutorial to add to the ranks? i tried!

emily+brett said...

ok, i'll try it but i struuugle with any type of braid. i just got down a fish tail which is the easiest of easy. i'll let you know how it goes:)

Robin said...

Oh man, I'm so pumped to try this... and then try it again. And then again, until I have one that looks quasi presentable. And then never have to fix my bangs again.


kinze said...

love this style!

chari-o said...

i love how fat your braids are, mine start out way too thin, but maybe i just need to start with a thicker chunk.

jfb said...

I almost have it! thanks for the tutorial - the step by step all next to each other really helps out. My problem is I can do it fine on me, but when I try to duplicate on my girls my angle is off and I fail miserably!

jessica olsen said...

You lose me at step 4, but maybe that's just me. Is it basically the same as a standard French braid, except your only pulling hair from the back?

Emily Frame said...


yes, you keep pulling hair from your part - getting farther and farther back. each strand gets incorporated to the braid when you pull the strand down and around the braid that you've got going. so you're french braiding, but it's backwards because you're pulling it under & through instead of on top & through.

kate said...

Ah! It totally worked! Thank yoooooooou.

jessica olsen said...

Helps. Thanks!

Sierra Prina said...

This is so cute but I am not good with braids at all and I can't figure it out! haha. I got steps 1, 2 and 3 but I don't get step 4. When you grab the 3rd piece, do you combine it with one of the other pieces? and what do you mean by "pull down and around?" do you pull over, down and around or under, down and around? Does this even make sense?

Diana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aimee said...

I tried this tonight and it worked! I pulled from both the part and the front, and I love how thick it looked. Much better than my usual pitiful braid.

Emily Frame said...

Hang tight, Bethany is going to video a tutorial! I learn by seeing anyway & I think it will help others like me!

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