satuday sunshine

here's me signing off for the week a little later than planned.
yesterday was nuttier than usual!
i've been busting a move getting things ready for the market, but wanted to pop to say:

i'm so amazed by the response to thursday's bang braid tutorial. wow. thank you to those who updated me letting me know you figured it out! i was worried it would be a dud tutorial, so i'm glad it makes sense to some. to those who learn by seeing and doing (that's me for sure) don't worry, i hear you, bethany & i are going to try and film a tutorial for you next week. hang tight and be prepared to laugh at how weirdly deep and identical our voices are.

if you have a polka-dot pant tutorial pic, i am still taking them! a few people wanted to do them this weekend and i am happy to hold off the post.

speaking of this weekend, i hope yours is lovely. mine can't help itself as it is a special weekend for my church. twice a year church leadership share their words for several hours throughout the weekend on television or radio. i've shared this many times, but i soak it up like a sponge and find myself enlightened and motivated to be a better person, woman, and mother. if you need a pick me up, this is a surefire way!
listen here.

happy weekend!
image credit unknown, walt whitman text by me.
help a sister out if you know where to credit this  darling photo.

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