easter take one

two weekends ago my mom and Scott had an Easter extravaganza at their house. reading springtime books, shelling hardboiled eggs, and of course the hunt.
ready, go!
when i think back to last year, Hayes was still crawling! this year he definitely figured out what the easter egg hunt was all about. he found a basket-full of eggs and cracked them all open like a champ.
i love this bottom one of Quincey. she was totally bugged because the chocolate egg was hollow - gip!

Cal's tongue is constantly out to the side lately. too cute.
poor Cally, not enjoying the tramp...his face kills me.
we're still working on getting a non-blurry photo of this. but, Uncle Collin throws him up in the air and he makes this face every time. sheer uncontainable excitement. 
enjoying his loot. we should have monitored better, because at bedtime he stayed up playing in his bed for at least an hour before finally conking out.
so wired.
this was also the weekend that we
saw Hunger Games (so good!)
and Russ took the family out for the first time in his newly restored Bronco!
he was so excited & every time he revved the engine Hayes made this face:
we just need to figure out a way to take the Bronco soft-top off without blowing our kids to smithereens & we'll be good to go! definitely more of the Bronco (and Easter) to come.

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Love your outfit Emily!

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