happy guys

Saturday went like this:
after Cal's routine 6 am feeding he and i went back to bed.
i woke up maybe at 10 am to find that everyone else was still asleep.
Russ and i lounged in bed until an astounding 11:30 am when both boys finally woke up,
both clocking fourteen hours each, impressive!
having a whole morning to just relax and talk and do whatever we wanted was much needed after long and stressful weeks for us both.

11:30 - tired eyed boys eating breakfast, playing with trains and cars.
getting ready for the day. they "helped" us organize the garage, handing daddy tools, and gnawing on pool noodles, respectively.

 after their afternoon naps 2-4:30 (seriously? so much sleep.) we went to our little girlfriend Poppy's birthday. complete with party animals, a mound of dirt where they dug out their underground trampoline, a bubble maker, and little blow up slides. 
where does Hayes sign the lease? he'd like to live here, please.
 dinner at one of our favorite sandwich shops, which wich
and a good shot of Cal's perfect and white bottom teeth. he's sort of relentless when it comes to eating our food. he's started growling if we don't oblige.
my sweet little baby has a screeching growl/leg & arm stiffening gig that makes us laugh and simultaneously give into his demands. trouble.
 i finally found something close to my usual lunch at maxi mart - one of my favorite high school lunch stops - that is now a pharmacy.
and Russ' usual pastrami with jardiniere.
 they also have the best oreo shake around. 
 Hayes' new thing is telling us whenever he's happy. specifically in the below picture, when we played music loud, he gets this big smile on his face and i look back to see he's making Pooh Bear's little stuffed arms play the air drums. i laughed and then he gave me that cheesy Hayes smile and added "mama, i happy guy." 
it was one of those moments where you take a quick inventory of your life and you look at the men in seats one, three and four, and think wow, this... this is good.


chari-o said...

oh that's adorable. counting down to mexico.

Leslie said...

So, so sweet, Emily!

Garima said...


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