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one of my features that i feel like i cater to the most is my shoulders.
they're really broad - like Michael Phelps broad - and i try to avoid calling too much attention to them. 

but, when i started noticing Gwen Stefani (who has awesome shoulders) wearing structured jacket after shoulder padded blazer after detailed cap sleeve, i forgot why i was playing my shoulders down in the first place?

image credits : Star Style

i spotted this stuctured shoulder Zara top,
bada bing bada boom:
while someone with slim shoulders would look amazing x's 10 in this top, i am happy to give it a whirl. my unsolicited review on it is that the arm holes are made for women of a lesser bone density. i thought my arms were slim, but Spaniards must disagree.
in real life:
top* [Zara] "Always Skinny" jean [Gap] t-strap flats [UO] tan skinny belt [F21] earrings* [Miaplate necklace [The Nile]

little tid-bit about this plate necklace - i blogged about it in 2009 when i had a little 
ahb-session with them. the funny part is this is the first time i've worn it, ever! it just sat in my closet for 3 years. i tried it on a couple times and never found the right top for it. 
well, today's your lucky day weird little necklace.
and if you're into it the Etsy shop is still open and prices are slashed considerably since my purchase.

happy happy weekend, friendlies!
one of my closest and favorite friends is in town from LA to celebrate her pregnancy and forthcoming baby girl. i am happy to have a distraction from how busy my husband will be. "the weekend" is a pretty arbitrary these days!


Mara and Jae said...

the weekend is getting to be pretty arbitrary at our house too. glad you have someone to hang out with! i've got my nieces coming over for a girls day. happy weekend!

Emily Frame said...

that makes all the difference, doesn't it?

chari-o said...

ooo! I think it's really cute! and it does NOT make your shoulders look broad. speaking of, remember when whats her name at Gap asked me if I were a swimmer and told me I had swimmer shoulders?? ugh.

sinika said...

shoot. i just ripped the shoulder pads out of my target blazer... but i did save them? haha. really cute shirt. I wish i had your effortless style.

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