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☂ Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease.

☂ The water crisis claims more lives than any war claims through guns.  

☂3.5 Million people die each year from a water-related disease, that is equal to the entire city of Los Angeles.

☂ Typhoid, Malaria, Hepatitis, Diarrhea, etc. are some of the top diseases/illnesses caused by contaminated water. All preventable diseases.

These were the stats sent to me when I was approached by People Water. But, very quickly they gave me their plan of action:

☼ If we did nothing other than provide access to clean water, without any other medical intervention, we could save 2 million lives a year.

People Water is a fairly new bottled water company. There isn't anything super special about the water. It doesn't make you run faster, jump higher, or last longer. It's just refreshing, clean, water. It is a necessity and luxury that we take for granted every day. But, for every bottle of People Water purchased, this company is building up the means to build wells and implement better water treating practices in countries, towns, and villages that need it most.

Their first well was built in Nicaragua - just try to not to cry.

I love their slogan that they really aren't trying to change anyone's lifestyle, just create an easy way to help. If you're buying bottled water, buy People Water and save lives - I can do that! I wanted to give them a huge thanks for sponsoring Ruffling Feathers, keeping us hydrated at the market, and raising my awareness, and hopefully yours, too!

The following list are the locations in Utah where you can purchase People Water. In the next couple weeks they will launch their online shop where you can purchase and have it shipped anywhere.

B Yoga -Provo 7-11 - Provo Chevron 800n 500e -Provo Coffee Pod - Provo Gas n Go - Provo Gurus - Provo Ivory Ridge Fresh Market - Provo NuSKin - Provo Salon K - Provo Sammy's Cafe - Provo Wills Pit Stop - Provo Gold's Gym - Orem Costa Vida - UVU The Store -Midway Junction Market - Mapleton Costa Vida - Lehi Tony's Tacos - Heber 7-11 Cottonwood Heights (the base of Big Cottonwood) AF Junction - American Fork Smart Cookie - American Fork Firehouse Burgers - Springville Herb Awareness - Springville Reams - Springville Spanish Fork Chevron - Spanish Fork 7-11 South Jordan Mona Vie - South Jordan Club One - Salt Lake Lunatic Fringe (Salt Lake and Park City) Omars Rawtopia - Salt Lake Perry Hotel - Salt Lake Shop n Go - Salt Lake Ulysses Hair Salon - Salt Lake

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laura said...

i appreciate companies like this. unfortunately i haven't been able to get my hands on people water, but next time i'm at any of these locations, i'm grabbing a few.

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