pin real life / 9

 i didn't think i was going to make it - but here we are, this weeks pin real life post. 
hold your applause.
it actually took me about three seconds to figure out i was pinning a theme around here...

we all know and love, like, or "meh", it :: neon + neutral.

here's what i have to say about it...
all for it!
and here's why:
a lot of things fall by the wayside while i get things in order for Bijou. 
house cleaning, cooking, and general getting ready-ness to name a few.
so while i hide my unwashed day 3 easter sunday curls (that were curled because they were on day three of a blow-dry) under this straw hat;
and while i blind you with my pops of neon, and wintry white legs, to take the focus of my lack of any make-up
and some annoying yet not at all surprising crater face 
(if i told my 16 year old self she'd still be dealing with this in 10 years, and to please get herself on actuane or something already, she would have probably wouldn't have believed me. but what she'd really do is start rapping "none of yo business" by salt-n-pepa. because she was super pumped that she knew all the words and sang it to anyone who'd listen. annoying? yes! 
as annoying as her teenage peers singing all 12 verses of Ghetto Cowboy by Bone Thugs -n- Harmony? not quite that annoying. i could've been worse, guys. but really, don't keep sweatin' what i do, cause i'ma be just fine.)

what was i talking about?
oh yeah. i am all for the neon. it directs the eye to wherever you want it to go.
putting it on your favorite features is a surefire way to play them up.
while keeping the rest of your ensemble's elements neutral, you look chic
and not like a 1988 surf-bum. 
in real life:
neon tee* [american apparel] skirt [h&m] sandals [f21] <---i know i already have these, but i die over these zara pair. watch [nixon] hat swapped via the flea. (MAY 12th is the next one!) cardigan swapped via the recessionista.

also: maybe you can't even really tell in this picture, but i've been using neon pink hair chalk by Kevin Murphy once and awhile it's super cool, and washes right out!

i know what you're thinking...
phew. she washed her hair!
and also:
she should not post in the middle of the night, i don't understand a word she's saying.

dually noted.


jaigeeksout said...

you look stunning! loving the straw hat xoxo

Emily said...

such a fun outfit! i love your skirt.

Anonymous said...

I love that outfit!

And HAIR CHALK?!?!!? I have to get it. I wonder if it would work on my dark brown hair. I used to have pink manic panic hair when i was younger. I miss my rebelious youth.

AJ said...

Oh crap Ghetto Cowboy was so annoying and I totally owned the single. Loved that you dropped that gem info my memory.

kels said...

Ok, I need to find me some of that hair chalk! So fun!

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