live portraits at bijou market

one thing i've taken on as my pet project brand new for this market is live portraits!
 Caitlin Connolly , Leslie Duke, and Ashley Mae Hoiland are all exceptional artists and lucky for us, Utah natives.
all throughout the market one or more of these artists will be in the house sketching and painting portraits, and we'll be alerting you via Twitter who is there when (follow us @BijouMarket.) 
you can come sit down and have a live session or you can bring a picture of  what you'd like drawn and painted. it could be you, your best friend, your entire family, your pet, whatever you like!

depending on whether you have one person or five, and whether it's black and white or color, the price goes up, but starts at about $20.


for original art? are you ki----dding me?
obviously you're getting a quick little version (we're talking minutes, here) of these women's talents, but for that price they can draw on a kleenex, i don't even care.

Caitlin drew up the Frame family and i about died, i mean??
 here is an example of what to expect from Leslie Duke
her style is so incredible, i am definitely sitting down with her when we both have free time!
and Ashmae. Ashley does these on her own site, and charges at least $70.
and since Ashley is retiring her custom portraits soon on her website, you better take advantage now at this awesome discount! 
pic via @thealisonshow on instagram.

check out this video (music by Gotye) Caitlin made showing us her artistic process for these quick portraits, so cool:
hope to see you there!
April 13-14
116 West Center


laura said...

Beautiful art! I'm so excited to go to this event! Can't wait :)
great little day

tahnie said...

i LOVE that you are adding this to the fun this year! you are the best.


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