polka dots and you

here are some of the DIY polka dot pants you gals submitted... or i had to dig for.
i had so many great ones sent to me via Instagram, but apparently after a certain amount of time you can no longer scroll through your history of mentions?
so, before i could screen shot them, they disappeared! such a bummer.




Charity (my awesome older sister!) did a really subtle white dot on ice blue capris.
Katie did bright yellow with white dots. 
Paula's hot pink pants are super cool.
Katie made two pairs! I am dying to do a bigger dot like the navy with gold.
Erica dotted a maxi skirt - it almost looks metallic, which is giving me all sorts of new ideas.
Meagan and Cat got together for a pants party of their own. i was a little jealous. 
Bri took Rachel Castle as inspiration and used our DIY to make her own polka dot pillows.

i love how you really can't go wrong with different colors and sizes, they all make such a statement!


chari-o said...

So cute! I love seeing what others have done. the pillow cases are a great idea.

Jam Oblina said...

i think polka dots are super nice!


in morse code said...

i gotta get on this band wagon but every time I buy colored pants to do this I just wanna wear them plain. So then I buy another pair. It's a vicious cycle.

cat+tadd=sam said...

Oh hey, those are my pants! Thanks for the mention. I would never be opposed to another pants party! ;)

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