what i got that i love

the Bijou Market edition!
you can see all our Instagram friends' loot pics over here, too.
alphabet print by Jenna Robert
 train set by Wooden Giraffe
family portrait by Lady Hue
gem earrings in sapphire and emerald by Mia
simple brass bar earrings by Cavalcade
red felt earrings by Ila's Garden 
skull teether by Little Alouette
goldfish tights by Gal Stern
vintage boots from Ande Monster Vintage

 as you can see my purchases were, for the most part, pretty selfish. but, i didn't forget these babies:

Hayes hasn't stopped playing with the trains since he walked out of the market with them. 
good thing someone noticed so i could purchase them!

for Cal i got this little wood teether, and he is currently cutting one of his top teeth, so it's been a lifesaver to say the least.
 "choo choo!"
i'm currently sorting through all the market photography, and i'm excited to share some later this week - finally!


jessica kiehn said...

the second pic of Cal smiling that toothy, slobbery smile actually made me chuckle out loud. He is LOVING HIS LIFE!

Jenna Robert said...

Bijou was wonderful, good work Bijou team! So glad you love your print.

Mara and Jae said...

that first pic of Cal is so sweet! love his cut-offs too.

Derek and Talia said...

your house is darling! where is that cute mint coffee table from?? :)

Derek and Talia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily Frame said...

Hi Derek and Talia! The table is thrifted!

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