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while i consistently find myself ooh-ing and aah-ing over literal animal patterned clothing, they rarely make it home with me from the store. they're usually too cutesy/precious/sweet for my liking. 

i started keeping my eyes peeled for full scale (as opposed to just a zebra stripe or a leopard spot pattern) animal prints - think birds, cats, horses - done in an edgy and sleek way. 
it's obviously a memorable style choice to me, because i could actually recall other people's posts/outfits that included them. this never happens, i can barely recall what i wear, let alone what anyone else does. 

in real life:
this is pretty textbook for me: one feminine piece and everything else is totally not.

top* (whooping crane, perhaps?) [Zara] / half and half liquid leggings [F21] / chuck taylors [Converse] (swapped white laces for black) / bag c/o [Tai Pan Trading]

i picked up this bag during Tai Pan Trading's bi-annual Ladies Night. all their bags were on promotion and i walked around like a dope with 5-6 bags on my arms trying to decide which one to pick. i finally settled on this one, because it included a cross-body strap (another textbook move.) my much more fashion savvy friend Lindsay mistook it for a Rebecca Minkoff bag, and that is saying something.

*asterisk* items are still in stock as of original post date.


Cady said...

Love the outfit! Especially those liquid leggings.

Emily Dickson said...

Love literal animal prints! And your shirt is just amazing!

Emily Frame said...

I was trying to figure out what to call these prints- thank you!

Kirsten said...

You are seriously so adorable!
I love your take on "trendy" things right now!
And good choice on the bag. Its awesome.


chari-o said...

tai pan trading has bags?? of all the stores in Utah that I miss TPT is the one I miss the most. I love the whooping cranes.

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