bijou recap spring 2012

this may all sound really familiar, as i say it every year, but this market was the best.
of everything.
everyone really outdid ourselves and i couldn't be prouder.
here's my bi-annual closing remarks post ::

thanks to Square Native for being our partners in crime and hooking us up with Katrina Brooks for our market photos!
she's offering 20% off sessions until the end of the month - hurry and book!

oh my poor heart. have you ever seen a more nursing-ravaged hairline?
i love my buddy Nakole's face. she's either deep in thought or wondering why the hell someone's taking a picture of her. her words, not mine.

 the portraits really pushed Bijou Market to a new level. it created such an amazing atmosphere and really encapsulated our mission running this market. to support amazing artists and crafters and give this community something unique to take home and love.
another awesome addition to the Bijou family is Stacey Foster's (of Native) Etsy pop-up shop Mineral + Matter.
during our holiday market we were talking with Stacey about how much we would love to have a table like this. where we can represent the amazing shops across the country that don't have the means to travel to our little Bijou Market, but that our shoppers would love.
Stacey had the same idea, and ran with it!
we were so grateful that she made it happen, it's just another thing we always hoped to do but didn't have the man-hours to make happen. Go Stacey!
and read her blog while you're at it, it's awesome.
speaking of not enough man-hours... every year we get requests to hold an official wrap party for vendors and our blogging friends. you wouldn't know this unless you were a vendor but Saturday night just before we close, you can feel the excitement in the air as vendors walk around and trade goods with each other. it's by far the best reason to sell at Bijou. this year we decided to give the wrap party a shot and really show our vendors how much we love them. it was a feeble attempt, but we made it happen only in thanks to our sponsors and our friends and family - who came and manned the check-out while we partied.

Lime Ricki - you know i love their swimwear, so of course we had to share it with a couple lucky ladies. it really is the best if you want modest and hip swimwear.
Salon K - my home away from home. just kidding, but my sister Bethany does hair there and they always make me feel like family when i go in. awesome stylists, and Bumble and Bumble product. that's all i need in life.
Sweet Tooth Fairy - if you're a long time fan of Bijou Market you will know that STF is a longtime friend of ours. Megan has fed our shoppers with her delicious cakebites since the beginning and we love her for it! She also just won Cupcake Wars on Food Network - awesome!

the goodies! salted caramel cake bite? my favorite coconut cake bite may have a contender for favorites.
 the raffle
the ladies. love these girls wholeheartedly. 
so so lucky to call them friends & blessed to do business with them.
even though we have lots in common in life, we all couldn't be more different in the business sense. 
 we all balance each other out and heaven knows i need that.
 and of course to my husband Russ, who is never pictured, because he's behind the scenes keeping our real life running smoothly and being the boys' favorite person on earth while i'm detained. as is true with every aspect of my life, he lessens all my burdens. i couldn't love him more, and yet i always do.


Cady said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like it was a wonderful event! Congratulations.

aubry. said...

rachelle's lip color is faaaaaantastic.

meg said...

My favorite part of this post was your lovely note about Russ. Huzzah for husbands that make everything so, so much better.

ps. My second favorite part? def your skirt and feather slip.

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