staycation's all i ever needed

this month we've had two super house guests of Russ' - his brother Mitch and his step-dad Tim.
they came for very different reasons, and Mitch's stay can be summed up in this picture:
1. Cafe Rio. he was here for 16 days and they ate Cafe Rio 11 times.
no lie.
Russ has been quoted by all our couple friends as saying some version of "let's go to Cafe Rio, i mean why go anywhere else? i can get some poo-poo chicken for $15 or Rio is always good for $8" when deciding where our date meals will be. 

but even Russ, Rio's most die hard loyalist, told Mitch the last day 
"I dont' think I can do Rio again, bro." Mitch loves it more than Russ, officially.

2. trudging in after a 10+ hour work day looking like they just got the whistle at a coal mine. so filthy. 
picture evidence lacking, we were nonetheless grateful to have Mitch here to color with Hayes for hours and hours, (Hayes still says "Mama, I want Meech.") for carrying 22+ pounds of Cal and his heavier than lead carseat around for me.
and for taking a huge workload off of Russ. he's been busting a move as a general contractor / worker on his buddy's house and needed all the help he could get!

Russ' stepdad Tim however, came for one reason:
to enjoy himself. i never appreciated the term Staycation (the cheesiest) until now.
having your husband off work with a guest who wants to see/eat all Utah has to offer is the bomb! the calorie tracking app on my phone literally froze Saturday night when i tried to log everything i ate that day.
here's a quick sneaker at the agenda:

 Tim is an expert mechanic and so of course Russ had him working on the Bronco every spare minute. it's looking so so good since the last Bronco update TWO YEARS ago!
we've got one more afternoon with Papa T and we already miss him so!
 he's been the ultimate house guest. cleaning, cooking, and laughing at all our boys' antics.
more with Papa T to come.


chari-o said...

Nice new banner!! I love it.

What about a mexican tropication? Would you give up one of those for a staycation?

Caitlin said...

That Bronco! My boyfriend is going to die! I am really going to have to try this Cafe Rio place when I finally hit Utah.

iamahoneybee.com said...

Wow Russ and Mitch look SO much alike!

Glad you had fun with family around hanging out at home. That's always the best time!

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