all in a week's work


wrapped up a little vacay, ate a few maple bar donuts, and witnessed Hayes lose his mind out of boredom in the car. (he is my son.)

headed up to Bridal Veil Falls with 5 girlfriends. successfully opened and closed our double stroller without Russ which was a huge victory. got an excellent work-out pushing two kids up and down a mountain, wore the boys out real good & reminded myself that Utah is absolutely gorgeous. 
Hayes and Hazel. both Hayesie/Hazey. makes it easy to get them to smile for a pic.

watched UVU baseball with my family. willy the wolverine avoiding the heat under our contraband umbrella. my boys just loving their soon to be aunt addy and uncle jake. 

cuddliest Cally
continued our unofficial summer of a thousand parks tour and found a great little gem of a set-up.
i swear we've tried them all. Gus keeping his cheetos out of harms way, Cal gnawing on woodchips (whatever helps those toothies!) Hayes doing his usual foot dragging for speed control.

fed the ducks with Gigi, how lucky were we that a mama duck and her 15 ducklings put on a show?
watched another round of softball games.
discovered Cal's love of playing catch. 
Hayes and Wy-o.
the night we swore no more restaurants for Hayes. he cried his eyes out and then i handed him a tic-tac and it was like nothing ever happened. these toddler emotions are large - they contain multitudes. if he contradicts himself, very well then. 
pretty sure Walt Whitman wrote that poem for 2 year olds.
also dying over Cal's jump from army crawl straight to the vinyasa. not a bad downward dog, honeyman!

broke our vow and took him to restaurant the next day! now, at least we are consistently inconsistent - groaaannn.
we ended up outside within 20 minutes.
good thing he had his favorite cousins to keep him company.
sold a boat load of stuff at the Bijou/Soel swap, and came home with some really great goods. most importantly got to hang out with friends and meet new ones too, hi Gretchen, you sweet thing you!

 hap-hap-happy mail from my sister Charity!
hung it up straightaway with our other portraits by Ashmae & Lady Hue.
had a great day at church, had dinner with Mitch and our crew - all on the grill!
steak, chicken, asparagus and strawberry shortcake for dessert.
Mitch was stretching out post-dinner and Cal copied his every move.
he even put his arm up like Mitch but the iPhun missed it.

 seriously this was the most exhausting post to assemble. 
i hope you are equally exhausted reading it.
let this be a lesson to you if you ever wonder what moms do all day!
i know that i bring all of it upon myself, but ensuring that the boys and i get out in nature and trying new things every day is my priority numero uno. 
my house definitely doesn't sparkle, well one room a day does thanks to zone cleaning, but we play hard!


Stephanie said...

Phew! That was a long but very enjoyable read. You guys are having so much fun i am beyond jealous. I have exams to prepare for at the moment so not much fun for me

xo Stephanie

Cady said...

Love these pictures! Sounds like an amazing weekend with your family. xo.

cPk said...

What a fun week! Love your polka dot skirt... So dang cute!

meg said...

Fantastic. My favorite parts? Toddler moments are larger - they contain multitudes. YES! And of course the gathering of family portraits. Amazing.

Griffin and Gretchen said...

thanks for the shout out!!! you are awesome and it was fun to see you saturday.
you are an inspiration! and brave! 2 boys and you still manage to get out and about. AND you somehow manage to do it all stylin' props to you girl.

jessica kiehn said...

I am still finding the balance of keeping an organized and sane life and just getting out and playing and life not being so dadgum perfect.
Create memories for your family, that's what I always say.

Danielle said...

Love this post- lots of fun photos and inspiring details. Have a great Monday girlfriend!


chari-o said...

yay! your portrait wall looks so cute!!

Kirsten said...

looks like you had fun!
I totally think you are crazy but I love it!
And what awesome experiences!!


Cheltz said...

You did a good job with that week! I usually get overwhelmed and just give up when there's that much going on.

kate said...

Isn't that green polka dot skirt a dream? I have to stop myself from wearing it everyday.

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