what i got that i love - mama edition

here another installment of what i got that i love, where i can share a few of my latest and greatest purchases, but this time for my mama self and for the boys.

OWEN & FRED wood backing: if you're an iPhone user, nothing will pull an impressive string of expeltives out of you like this sight:
  this particular incident happened when Cal grabbed my phone and threw it to the ground as hard as his weirdly strong arms would let him. it was literally unusable because of the shards of glass falling out of it around the clock. my sister Bethany showed me her walnut version and i was sold. i picked up the maple from Owen & Fred and love love love it!

the trick to this is that it isn't a cover, or skin, or a case, you physically remove the glass backing and replace it with a sturdier slab of wood. it's the same thickness, just a heckofalot more durable. they are certainly more expensive than a case, but i think it's worth every penny to not have to worry about paying $150+ to replace the glass. 

next, as a mother, if this sight is familar to you, then welcome to the elite club of mothers who's kids cart their stuffed animals EVER-Y-WHERE. i've already thrown out 2 Pooh Bears and then Hayes found the back up stash and started carrying two at a time. needless to say Pooh Bear is always filthy. we've scaled things back quite a bit, but they still need to be washed weekly.

 if you're a member of this club you also know that washing them in a standard load leaves them feeling a little stiff and they're never as soft as they once were. i reviewed Teddy Needs a Bath stuffed animal laundry bags a few months ago and i am the most sincere believer. i can put the whole crew in the bag, send them through the washer & dryer and they come out soft as they day they were brought home. i don't know how or why, they just do.

next, our favorite favorite Summer shoe: Native! they're a the same material as *cough* Crocs but in my opinion much cuter. i got mine at Sassy Mia (under construction, i'll let you know when it's up!) but you can get them right now at Zappos.
they're perfect for Summer because they are light weight and float, so you can wear them to  the pool, the lake, a rocky stream, a mud puddle and just rinse them right off. they are breathable and don't smell like dirty little boy shoes, bonus!

this is our second Summer loving Natives - see last years here & here.

 and finally:
tomorrow is the SWAP! it really is the perfect place to get some new-to-you clothes, decor and duds for your kids. usually prices are between $3-$10 and at $10 you're getting like a JCrew Pea Coat - awesome. for those who have asked, if you want to sell, bring any unwanted clothes that are in good condition. basically something Plato's Closet would buy, or something you could sell on eBay or the like. we don't want crap, basically. 

but, if you don't want to sell, just come shop! you've seen some of my awesome swapped finds, so i know you know you don't want to miss it. be sure to say hello!

happy weekend!

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