i won't let go at any price

didn't we just have a dinner to say good bye to these two?
pretty sure.
will we use any and all reasons to get together until they board their planes?

Shelly (left) and Lindsay (right) are both headed to the coast (west and east) while their husbands complete internships for their MBA programs. we will miss them all dearly.
they make our lives more enjoyable, always up for a party, always looking out for us and our kids.
taking care of me and never judging when i'm off the "hot mess" scale and dipping into "frantic."
they're just really really great friends to have, and i'll miss them for the next couple months!

OMD's "if you leave" has been stuck in my head since yesterday night, and after you read the following:
i touch you once / i touch you twice / i won't let go at any price
with any luck it will be stuck in your head, too.
some of the wives
some of the husbands doing what husbands do best.
grilling and standing around.
there'd be a children pic but there aren't enough pixels in the world to capture every last one of them in focus. 

*update: i am wearing a shift dress (scored at the Flea/Soel swap) tucked into a thrifted skirt!*


Anonymous said...

and stuck in my head now...

Jodee Luke said...

Oh you pretty lil' gals!

kylee said...

okaaaay that yellow shirt green skirt outfit is adorable emily!

Madeline said...

Yes please post where you got your outfit!

Emily Frame said...

So nice ladies! It's a shift dress tucked into a thrifted skirt. The shift dress was a Soel Swap/Flea score!

meg said...

"Off the hot mess scale" hahahahaha. You are the best. And I am ALWAYS off that scale.

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