master bedroom redo

it's been a-while since the last homie update! once Bijou Market came and went i finally found myself with a little free time to get cracking on the last room on the list since we moved. we won't be in this townhouse for year(s) on end so although the 100% tan walls (and ceilings?!) bewilder me, they don't irritate me enough to do anything about it. the goal was to bring in color with the decor and continue on with our lazy anti-painting selves.
and as far as the other wall is concerned, you're not missing much... 
pile of DVDs here, full length mirror there & a vintage dresser where forever 21 jewelry goes to die:
i have lots of pics to share next week of the behind the scenes and some tips i discovered along the way, too. everything was a do-it-myself and here's a couple teasers:

skewer sunburst mirror - what we do without metallic gold spray paint?
$6 total
Rorsach inspored inkblot print 
$12 total for the inkblot $15 for DIY custom frame supplies
shim sunburst mirror
$29 total
Isleta bedding DIY, taped off ready to paint
$12 for supplies $12 for new shams

all these DIYs cost $86.00 total, while going to the store and buying them off the shelf would have cost me $1200.00+ so ... low-fives all around!

some of these projects came from tutorials and inspiration around the web, and i'll be sure to share with the coordinating posts next week! as for the bedding:
i saw this  "Isleta" bedding via Anthropologie a couple weeks go and was instantly smitten.
 it's just insanely cool and unlike any bedding i've seen. when i was buying supplies to recreate it for our master bedroom, i had plans of a different color combo and then backed out last minute, the combo they used is perfection and a big reason why i loved it so much, so i just stayed pretty close to it.


Cady said...

That bedding is beyond gorgeous! You are one talented lady.

alicia said...

Awesome job! Question: How did you build the custom frame?

Anonymous said...

I love these ideas. We just bought our first home so money is tighter than tight so I'll have to give some of these DIY crafts a try. Loving the shimms mirror! Def stealing that idea!

Emily Frame said...

It's just baseboard cut & glued with wood glue! we also stained it.

moxiemandie said...

Love this idea! Such a great look!

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

WOW, looks great! Would never have thought to paint the bedding. Very cool!

Emily Frame said...

I'll get some simple instructions from Russ & post them with the how-to next week!

Brissa said...

are you kidding me?! that bedding is amazing. you'll definitely need to post a how-to. i'm speechless. teach me how to be crafty!

chari-o said...

Nice work, Em. I LOVE all three sunburst mirrors.

kate said...

Woah! The bedspread is rad.

"where forever21 jewelry goes to die..." I'm still laughing.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog from Dani's. I LOVE it :) So cute. I will definately be following you from now on. You did such a great job! Looks great.

Kirsten said...

You are such a little DIYer!
I love that bedspread! Sooo cute!!


Yellow Finch Designs said...

I LOVE this!!

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