in season

BBQ season
swing until sunset season
jamba juice in jammies season
 making dinner in your swimsuit season
wedding season
late night dance party season
drop your swim trunks and fall into bed season
 climbing up stairs season
bronco season
falling off the hot tub season - resulting in fat lip season and skinned chin season
clogged tear duct removal season
reading like it's my job season

things that aren't in season:
a clutter-free, wet towel free, matchbox car free, house
blow-dried hair or a made up face
being in front of a screen of any kind
worrying about tomorrow.

what season are you in?

iphone images via instagram



Awww!!! Adorable! =)

Shelley said...

Absolutely loved this. Season I'm in? Nursing night and day season, drinking in the newborn scent season, lounging and not cooking or cleaning because I can season...we are enjoying our 2nd little, and I think our two girls are the same space apart as your boys.,.18 months? I love reading your blog and seeing how you handle the busy-ness and still manage to have loads of fun. You make it look easy. Blessings to you and yours--

Meredith Tuttle said...

summmer time forever!! ps: so freaking jealous you can wear a bikini after two kids! no way jose and i only have one. dang having no skin elasticity and tons of stretch marks! boo.

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