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apologies for no PRL post last week! i told you, i have hardly laid my eyes on a screen since Mexico. no TV, no movies, and definitely no computer time, hence no physical evidence of outfit inspiration. 

but, i'm back! and this week is all about the "i basic sandal" from Zara.
i've been eyeballing these awesome sandals since the first stock, putting them in and deleting them out of several Zara shopping cart situations. 

really i was just tripped up on what color to get.
then, after i cleaned out my closet real good a couple months ago & realized i had no red shoes - sandals, pumps, wedges, - nothing. i pulled the trigger on the red/fuschia combo.

here's my thoughts on the matter. these shoes are an absolute steal.
$50 and they are as high a quality as anything you'd find at Nordstrom. 
you all know that i have no qualms about cheap sandals, flats, boots, or wedges -- i have a closet full of them. i ordered a pair of boots so cheap in fact that Russ asked me to stop wearing them in his presence because the smell was giving him heartburn.
but, when it comes to heels i just can't do it! 

there is no worse sound then the clip clopping of cheap heels.
no worse feeling then chemically unsound manmade materials losing shape with your every stride.
nothing so embarrassing then a stiletto slipping out from under you on a slick restaurant floor or bending like an aspen branch under your reasonably moderate body weight.

(there are plenty of worse things, but just roll with it.)

and at only $49.90 you're buying peace of mind that none of the above will happen to you.
chictopia: 1 2 3 4 | 
hello fashion (local cutie!) | quality rivets (a must-read personal style blog!) sincerely, jules (top 3 favorite!) lookbook.nu

 i thought it was interesting that after sorting through loads of looks that incorporated this shoe, the consensus was one of two looks : feminine and girly, or boyfriend and oversized. as usual i am somewhere in the middle.

in real life:
shirt [swapped via the FLEA.] striped skinnies [F21] i basic sandal* [Zara]


Talia Jensen said...

okay, you look so cute and skinny! way to rock those heels

Mara and Jae said...

those.are.AMAZING. i want the nude/orange ones, like BAD! i see why you struggled with color choice...

jessica kiehn said...

How do you smoothly/practically speaking pull off heels with chasing after little ones? Dont your feet hurt?! And dont they slow you down?

On another note- you look AMAZING. so slim and healthy looking! How tall are you? What have you been doing?! Go momma!

laura said...

love everything about those heels!

Kirsten said...

You are pretty much just the cutest thing ever!
I love those jeans!
They are amazing. And the top is cute and the shoes are def. cute!


kate said...

I LOVE them with casual skinny's, this outfit is really great.

NOW tell us how you look SO DANG GOOD! :)

Michelle said...

you look so good - and your kids are adorable with the cutest names :)

Tyler and Kendyl said...

I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours. So cute! And you look so thin!! OW OW!


I love those heels!

aleksi said...

I think this is my favorite pin in real life so far! You look adorable and I am OBSESSED with that top!!!

Emily Frame said...

you guys are too nice!!

If I am going solo I don't wear shoes I can't chase the kids down in, but when Russ is around I feel a little bit more freedom!

I am 5'6 and the angle of the camera definitely helps me out a lot! But, between nursing, chasing the kids around, and Physique 57, I'm finally feeling in shape, so thank you for noticing!

Hilary said...

You're looking so good! A few things;
1. The color combo you chose for the shoes is my favorite.
2. I adore those pants.
3. I have officially added those blogs mentioned to my google reader, huzzah!

Molly Stewart said...

Guess what! She's shoes went on sale for $30 tonight, I scored them!!

Steoffrey said...

skinny mini!!! get it girl.

Griffin and Gretchen said...

those shoes are freakin fantastic!

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