Danielle is my most recent blogging crush turned internet buddy and i love her weekly 
"Currently" posts. so much so that i thought i'd take a stab at it this week.

as much as i love to read, i don't have a whole lot of time for it, so i am just getting to my one book a month for my book club. 
last month it was "The Fault in Our Stars " and i. just. loved it. 
i love clever teenagers keeping their cool (read: no characters from Twilight) in love and life, it was touching and so funny. so many good take aways but i can't stop thinking about this line:
image via Kylee

this month's book, in honor of Independence Day, is "Founding Mothers " by Cokie Roberts.
i'm looking forward to reading up about the better halves of important men in this nation's history. 
and of course we're reading all the books Hayes could spot involving motors from the  children's library.

i, like everyone it seems, am tuned into the Bachelorette this season. 
not because i like it, but because of Jef. he's an o---ld buddy. remember when we shot a swim spread for Square Magazine (2005-2009)
and we stayed in his house for the weekend and used him as a model?
let me jog your memory.
i guess he's my new claim to fame. move over Charles Barkley who kissed me on the cheek when i was 6 at a Suns game.
photo by Matt Clayton (<--- click the link for more Jef.)

i was sort of sick about Cal's probe and irrigation procedure for his left eye.
he's had a clogged tear duct since birth and after trying everything, surgery was the last option. we finally took him in yesterday and i didn't sleep a wink all night.
maybe it's no big deal, but anesthesia is never NOT a big deal. 
so many risks and i let my mind go a little too wild with worry. 
gratefully, it was really no big deal!
he was smiling straight out of surgery and never even had that "hulk angry"! lag time after the anesthesia. such a lamb.

we ordered our tickets a couple weeks ago for the Twilight Concert Series
and maybe this is silly but anytime i hear a band is touring i immediately think, 
oh shoot that means they have a CD and now i have to download/listen to it obsessively because i hate not knowing all the songs. OCD?

so i'm prepared to listen to all of these new albums, plus a few extra like Kathleen Edwards, Metric, Battles, and Santigold. i'm feeling really behind. 
what are you all listening to & loving?

and yes, you read right. $5 a ticket. utah is such a babe.
my friend Ashleigh can get me to do most anything for the laugh.
we did some awesome tricks yesterday and here's hers.
what do you call it? curl into a ball and roll of the board?
film still via Hook

Happy Weekend!
we're headed to a lakeside cabin for fishing/canoeing/horseshoes/bocce ball
and other things only white people do. 


Steoffrey said...

A cantaloupe! One of my best board tricks.

chari-o said...

I love that pic of Cal waking up. can't wait to hear the prognosis of the procedure! ps, is that you doing the toe-touch or Ash?

jessica kiehn said...

hahahahahaha I can't believe Charles Barkley kissed you on the cheek when you were six. I LOVED the Phoenix Suns when I was six. This is so hilarious. I named a dog of mine Barkley because of Charles and the Suns. I can't believe he kissed you and that we share a mutual six-year-old-blonde-girls-that-loved-charles barkley-and-the-suns thing.

Topsy said...

Gosh I love that guy (Jef). He's made the season.

And the whole post in general was pretty great.

Hilary said...

Ha! I love the picture of the kid from Hook. Brilliant.

meg said...

Charles Barkley was my first grade crush. So yeah, six year old me would have been very jealous of six year old you. Very.

Anonymous said...

where do you guys rent the cabin? We live in Albuquerque and there's nothing in this area and it seems like its difficult to find a nice one by looking on the net.

kylee said...

i still can't get over how amazing that book was. so many quote worthy lines and memorable moments. i have never read a book the way i read that one, i was taking notes and everything. i'm looooving metric's new album. you know they're coming to salt lake in october right? can't wait to see them live (they are the last band on my must see concert bucket list).

Danielle said...

Oh you sweet peach! You are MY blog crush and this was such a nice surprise. I loved reading everything up there too. I just love your blog and that pretty ole face of yours. Take note - ole is different than old. Just wanted to clear that up. ;)

Hey Ho it's Ashleigh Noel said...

i heart you. and a rollie pollie is its name.

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