we pulled in from our cabin getaway in island park, idaho last night &
ooh mama am i having a hard time pulling myself out of vacation mode!

we've got a couple house guests staying until today and then a few more coming in town after they leave for the 4th and i am in life limbo. we've got a few more days of family fun in us before we get back to reality and so, with that being said, this is the best post i could muster.

a couple iphone snaps and a couple stolen instas from my sis in law (@dearlizzy) and bro (@collinkartchner.)

lots of driving!
i got real creative with a duck puppet & cal-babe was loving it.

 lots of walks in nature. Hayes was super proud of his "fows" and even arranged a little tin of water for me. he's in touch with his creatively feminine side. i dig it.
we floated/paddle boated/rowed our way through the prettiest river at Mack's Inn

ate and ate and ate. 
never stopped eating really.

 and had late nights around fire.
the last night we let Hayes stay up a roast s'mores with us.
he sat down on the log and his cousin Quincey ("Too-ey")
came right over and sat next to him. melt my heart!
his cousins are truly his favorite people & i love it.
so happy Liz captured it.


elizabeth kartchner said...

That was so fun! Loved being under the same roof with you guys.
Cousins really are the best!

haha laughing that you went and got Cal's cheeks in the Mack's Inn sign.

derek+chelsea said...

Love the pictures! We have a cabin up in Macks Inn, these pictures make me so excited to go up there!

chari-o said...

talk about heart-melting! so sweet. I miss you guys and your cute spawn.

today i said...

It is hard to get out of vacation mode isn't it! just for back from a trip where I ate and ate also! Monika.

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