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happy fourth of july everyone!
the men in my life are all napping the afternoon away in response to this morning's festivities and in preparation for this evening's party-time.
i already watched Jane Eyre in my undies while eating ghirardelli brownies (my first encounter with it - book or otherwise, besides an anthology type excerpt in college. HOLY CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG! i sort of have to read it now.) 
so i thought i'd pop in and share something near and dear to my heart: the baseball tee.

i'm happy to see it on the backs of some of my most favorite people, below. i remember sitting in my best friend's bedroom when i was a sophomore in high school and deciding together that we would "bring the baseball tee back." we drove to Big 5 Sporting Goods Store and bought a few colors each and then wore them around the clock... like they ever were out of style? no one said high-school-Emily was logical.

regardless, some far more fashionable ladies have brought new life to this old summertime favorite, and i'm dusting my own navy blue version off and basically saying "wait for me! i have one too!" like a dork.
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in real life:
baseball tee F21 (old, sorry) | skirt F21 | VANS authentics | sunnies COTTON ON | necklace c/o THE ALISON SHOW (tutorial here.) | Russ'"Becky" shirt ... probably a dumpster, ha. |
i couldn't think of a more perfect patriotic nod for the 4th than a baseball tee. 
i like to pair anything overtly masculine or feminine with the opposite so a super girly floral skirt seemed to balance it for me. 
while we were riding our bikes to my family's spot on the parade route 
a girl dead-pan shouted at me "i like your outfit." followed by chucking a handful of poppers at my wheels. i sit here, hours later, befuddled.

i hope you all have a wonderful evening!
i'll leave you with a song i've been humming all day and totally get choked up when i get to this part, i'm definitely a proud American, always, and especially today:

 O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife. 
 Who more than self their country loved 
And mercy more than life! 
 America! America! 
 May God thy gold refine 
 Till all success be nobleness 
 And every gain divine!


mary said...

Love, love your outfit!

jessica kiehn said...

you're not a WAIT FOR ME! dork...you of all people, with your baseball obsessed husband and all, are a thoroughbred when it comes to baseball tees. EVERYONE ELSE is just catching on:)

cPk said...

Good thing we had that genius idea or there would be no baseball tee at all! i'm sure these girls you pinned saw our pictures from Timpview and wanted to be just like us. Didn't we also think it was an awesome idea to cut the collar into a slim v-neck?? i'm still waiting for that trend to take!

chari-o said...

oh, I loved this post. and I love baseball t's! glad to see they still have a place in the world.

Meagan + Michael said...

I love the baseball tee. I wish I would have kept all mine from junior high, and high school!

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