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i think the general consensus is that statement necklaces are awesome because they add interest to an otherwise standard outfit. 
t-shirt & jeans. skirt & blouse. 
what i admired about the below looks is that they add a statement necklace on top of a statement outfit.

in this case, more is more.
photo credit here and here.
according to me this works because it's a mix of small scale (gingham) and large scale (floral) prints, and it pulls colors that are all in the large floral print skirt so it's really not that nutty. you don't have to answer that.

what do you say? are you on the less is more side of the fence, or a more is more gal like yours truly?

in real life: gingham button-down [OLD NAVY] floral skirt [H&M] nude pumps [Paolo via Nordstrom Rack] bubble necklace c/o [Dear Monroe] link bracelet [Ann Taylor] easy-reader watch [Timex] feather cuff [Soel]

my old friend Tiffany is selling these awesome bubble necklaces 
(ala the $150 JCrew originals)
for a STEAL - the cheapest i've found anywhere!
so many great colors to choose from!
check them all out here, and her awesome personal blog, too!


Jesse said...

i love statement necklaces, but i hate their ridiculous price point. especially because most of them are plastic for $100 plus.

Bryan Moore said...

oh, now I see what a bubble necklace is! I'm a little late to the game. I need to get one from Tiff! (This is Holly Hansen, don't ask.)

BethAnn said...

You look too cute! I love these posts - sometimes I have a difficult time following through on my Pins, but you give me inspiration to bring them to life! Thank you!

Hilary said...

I adore your Pin Real Life posts. Also, your blog is one of my all time favorites!


kylee said...

you seriously have the greatest style.

Cady said...

I am totally obsessed with your outfit. And I agree that the scale of everything makes it work! Definitely going to try and recreate this look. xo.

Priya said...

I would say more is more is my response for everything, and this outfit is FAB

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