adios amigos.

i have been physically, emotionally and socially swamped as of late and 
i am definitely starting to feel the toll.

playing with Cal on the floor and he's laughing hysterically thinking i'm pretend dozing off on him, but i'm really. dozing. off. on him.

Russ asking if we can please just stay in every once and awhile because every night he walks in the door, changes clothes and we walk right back out. over scheduled. 

and what usually rolled off my back, what i usually just shook off and said "oh they're just going through a phase" started to feel like "oh man, this is the new normal" with a several close relationships in my life.

new responsibilities, new relationships & dynamics, new normals and learning to say "no" to fun things have me feeling totally not like myself.

all this to just say that next week the Frame crew and
a big chunk of my side of the family are spending next week at the beach.
and good gracious do i need it. we all do. 

i've got scheduled posts all week so you won't see a lull in the action, but besides boogie boarding and bocce ball, and chasing babies down the shore, there will be nothing but lulls for me. sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

happy weekend!


jaigeeksout said...

I always wondered if you ever ran out of steam, you're like Wonder Woman!
Enjoy your break, you deserve it! xoxo

Danielle said...

Yahoo! Have the best week- I'll be there in spirit as I'm actually visiting my family down in 110 degree Phoenix. SO.HOT.


Cady said...

Have an awesome trip! Relax, you deserve it!

kate said...

Man, I feel like I know just what you means about new normals and new expectations. And saying "no" to things really is so hard! And so not like me. Living two states north of everyone who is going through those changes has had it's benefits and disadvantages...

kate said...

Oh, and have a awesome trip!!

Kirsten said...

I am jealous!
It seems like this time of year always gets so crazy!
Have fun and relax!!


tallia said...

I feel like this is becominh normal for me too! Crazy is the new normal. I read this great book called "simplicity parenting" that was all about slowing down and simplifying, I loved it and want to recommend it to everyone (but I try to supress it because I also don't want to be the person recomending parenting books to.people)

sinika said...

I feel ya! I love to "GO" all the time, but if I don't have a day off once in a while- things get out of control at my house. Have fun relaxing at the beach!!

adam and jess said...

have fun you guys!!! doing absolutely nothing sounds like heaven to me.

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