(eShakti) in real life / 16

eShakti. where do i even begin.
(shakti is sanskrit for power.)
a couple years ago i went on a hunt for a tailor. not just for alterations, but someone i could bring a bag of fabric to, a couple of rough sketches, my measurements and say - go! and thank you!

i looked, i found a few options, all super expensive, and was left with the solution that i just needed to learn how to sew (better.) it was a pretty depressing day. (i loathe sewing.)

how pleased am i to discover that eShakti customizes their dresses 100% down to the last measurement? that even if you're liking that red sleeveless plunging v-neck a-line mid-thigh pleated dress you can say "i'd rather have that cap-sleeved, sweetheart neck, over the knee, in blue, por favor!" and they'll say "done!" and it ships in like a week? for less than $80? are you hearing the inflections in my voice?!

a custom made dress for less than you'd pay at the Gap. amen, class dismissed.

this is the one i chose. i told them my height, and where i wanted the dress to hit below the knee and it came and it is lovely. it came in a stretch cotton, and everything has the perfect amount of give. the dress isn't lined, but i wear a slip with everything anyway, so it doesn't bother me.
in short, they have mastered online dress shopping. 

 eShakti probably doesn't even realize this but the back has a looped button enclosure, and you can easily unbutton it yourself and the whole top half pulls down. i LOVE accidental nursing dresses!
in real life:
 dress c/o eSHAKTI // ruffle platforms STEVE MADDEN // earrings F21

 i had a really hard time choosing, and as i was browsing i'd just open a new tab with every dress that caught my eye to check out more closely after i had seen them all. apparently safari can handle 18 tabs open, but not 19, as it then shut down on me.

my next purchase will definitely be that sweetheart chambray number with the little white stripes at the bottom. how adorable is that?


jessica kiehn said...

oh gosh. love every single one of those dresses. every one!

Mara and Jae said...

LOVE your dress. LOVE your shoes. i would definitely wear that outfit! you done good. :)

chari-o said...

ow ow!! also, I'm really liking the new tripod height for your selfports.

Danny and Shalayne said...

I'm so glad you like them too!! I found them a few years ago when I had a dress and some pants made by them and I have been in love with them ever since!!! Your dress is adorable!

Howard Family said...

I checked out the website after you mentioned them in your last post, and I couldn't believe there was such a thing! I never fit into clothes right off the rack, it's the most frustrating thing ever. I can't WAIT to get one of the dresses from eshakti....so glad I found them through you! thanks!

kristen said...

you girl are a gorgeous lady.

Griffin and Gretchen said...

That dress was def made for you! Beautiful!

Nicole Christensen said...

gorge emily!

sinika said...

What a cool shop!! I am always on the hunt for a down-to-my-knees dress!

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