a tuscan wedding

true to my dad, the wedding was casual and no fuss.
the soundtrack was also pretty true to him with a whole lot of classic rock playing,
and a few Celine Dion songs stuck in there. Celine could be Michelle's picks, or could be his, you never know with that guy. most eclectic taste in music i've ever seen!

he looked so nervous and had to sing to Cal while we waited for the ceremony to begin:
it was a really sweet ceremony and check out the beautiful couple:
even though there wasn't a bridal party, Hayes found a way to be involved:
my dad & me:
the Frame Crew:
 the women:
Michelle's girls are right in front of her (Addy) and to her right (Kendyl)
they are the sweetest!
more cousins 
and i am dying over the crazy look in Lola's eyes (far right)
 then we ate! and ate, and ate.
 Miss Avery:
they got married at Tuscany (a restaurant in Holladay, not Italy)
that was gorgeous.
 Hayes just loves his new Uncle (<---weird) Jake. he's so great with him, and Hayes loves to try and play it cool around him.
see his "fuh-ee face."
 Aunt Bebe.
and then the switch was flipped and it was nap time:

 Michelle and her kids just adore our boys and are excited to be joining our huge fam, we're all really happy to have them, too!
if you can believe it, the real celebrating begins next week, more on that to come!

also, so so thankful for E-Shakti for setting me up with such a beautiful dress for this special day - more on that tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, beautiful family.

Congrats to your dad and Michelle

Jesse said...

lovely candids...

Cady said...

So beautiful! Congratulations to your family. You all looked so great! xo.

jessica kiehn said...

that wedding looked GORGEOUS! Outdoor anything is always wonderful.
And the picture of Cal with the berry stuff on his lips? Poster size, please!!

kate365til30 said...

Your boys are getting so big! They are also getting even cuter if that was possible! Pretty wedding...

sinika said...

Beautiful wedding!

.caroline armelle. said...

So pretty!
And, I just got to pick a dress from eshataki for review, and almost chose the exact same one! That floral is darling! I was hoping it had a sleeve option, so I chose something else, but I kinda wish I chose it now! The print is darling, and it looks so cute on you!

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