choo choo ter--rains

Tah-iss! (thomas)
Tapamat! (sir topham hatt)
Choo Choo Ter---rains!

these were the screaching sounds emitted from one amped 2 year old as we made our way out of the crowds back to our car from The Heber Valley Railroad.

while we were actually riding the train i don't think he said more than 3 words. 
taking it all in like a sponge, wide eyed eyebrows slightly raised, in silent awe, really.
i admire how Hayes navigates the world. 

Cal showed the most audible excitement, crawling all over me trying to get a good look at everything. saying "uh-oh!" over and over because that's his word of choice. 
curious and joyful.
i admire how Cal navigates the world, too.

this was one of the times Hayes broke his silence.
he wanted more stickers from the conductor. 
so excited in fact he busted out the sign language, which he rarely does unless he's pretty worked up.
are you seeing this line to get a pic with Thomas the Train?
no thanks! thankfully, Hayes didn't ask.

it was a freezing adventure, and one that we weren't sure how it was received...
 until we walked away.

we think he liked it.

big thank you to HVR for the tickets!


jessica kiehn said...

Cal is getting so handsome! He's losing that baby look and growing up.
Darling little boys, you have.

kylee said...

that last picture is priceless.

Laura said...

Where is that at?? My boys would DIE!!

chari-o said...

cutest little "more" fingers.

Jessica said...

My daughter knew the sign for "more" also (I taught her when she was little and was starting to eat food and would make this horrible screeching sound when I wasn't feeding her quick enough.) and she up until she was maybe 5 would sign "more" when she really wanted something as well. Loved it. She doesn't do it anymore though :(

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